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    I havent read the Ms. article yet, but have seen Sara live a couple of time,
    and shes one of my favorites. I did however, catch the 3-night 20/20
    documentary, and her appearance. The segments were certainly not about
    Cisco and his thong song, but Pioneers of hip-hop, current trends, etc.

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    > If people
    > really feel like they need
    > to establish some kinda street/hip hop credentials,
    > I wish they would think
    > of a better way to do it!!!

    hehe, like Vadim getting Sarah Jones on his rekkid!

    So, she is on the cover of the current Ms. It's a
    pretty thin article, but told me stuff I didn't know
    about her. she's been doing performace art and 2 more
    significant theatrical thingamabobs, one depicting the
    lives and issues of women in totally different
    situations and countries, and the only prop is a
    scarf. And she was popped in at the end of a
    documentary on hip hop on 20/20 or one of those crap
    news shows a few weeks ago. it was entirely about
    like, i dont' know, the "thong song" guy or whatever,
    criminally one-dimensional, until the very end of the
    2 or 3 part thing when they put in some stuff about
    the nu yorican, and they got a snippet of her in
    there. She's blowin' up and i'm pleased as punch.

    also, drifting off-topic, but this is just so so good,
    if you're feeling especially pussy-positive, a great
    show touring now is "The Vagina Monologues." one
    woman storytelling/poetry, very sharp, funny,
    poignant, super good. tells the stories of a bunch of
    radically different women and their relationships with
    "the basement." I saw it a few years ago, i was
    dragged there by some boys, and we all loved it (but a
    triplet of frat boys *got up and left* in the middle
    of the story of a bosnian rape victim...!!) and plan
    to catch it before it leaves town. highly recommended
    if you see it around.

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