Rockin' the box and Toronto shops

From: Gord DeVillers (
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 05:03:19 MET DST

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    Hey Toronto listers,
    This weekend I'll be pounding the pavement with some specific targets in mind, Guidance - Mundial Muzique 2, and some Phil Asher/Restless Soul stuff. Does anyone know off hand in which direction I should head? Any help would be appreciated!!

    Rockin' the box:

    Eighteenth Street Lounge comp "Jet Society". so Brazil, so slick. This is mellow stuff! The Cordora Orchestra track could be a Bacharah. the Tom Y Joyce track (Vai Minha Tristeza) is the nicest version of the three I have heard. But for me the standout is the Bobby Hughes Experience track "Seasons" with the "Wake Up" sample. I get all warm feeling at work, lost in a daydream when i put that one on!! Too much! I love it!

    Freddie Hubbard AC Polar. Two standout tracks. "Son of sky dive" and "People Make the world go round". The strings compliment instead of contradict, which can be an issue in those CTI albums. I also grabbed O'donel Levy "People Make the World go round" which has a smokin' version of the title track as well. Now i see Innerzone Orchestra has released a version. Any one care to comment? I read on the list that Carl Craig's Jazz left someone cold? What's the deal?

    One more thing, amazing deal at the Compost site
    All seven future sounds of jazz for 120 DM! That's 80 bucks Canadian for 23 plates!!! Unreal!

    Stay cool everyone,
    love Gord

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