MOS DEF & Talib's N'Kiru fundraiser: success!Battle @ WETLANDS on Monday!!!

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Date: Sat Oct 21 2000 - 21:32:13 MET DST

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    Just reminding y'all that my partner Blitzkrieg is in the upcoming battle, this Monday (Oct. 23rd), which is at Wetlands. You
    can only get in if you are invited and rsvp. It wont cost anything
    (FREE FREE FREE!), just e-mail me back that you want to go and I'll put
    your name on the list. You can come with people, just give me the
    names. There is no limit. Everyone will be comped. (FREE!)

    Please send "battle list" as subject when you reply, so I will find it
    quickly. You will be on BLITZKRIEG's List.

    Just got in from Mos Def & Talib Kweli's benefit fundraiser to save
    N'Kiru books. It was a tremendous show, with poetical heavyweights
    Sharief Williams, Jessica Care Moore, Ras Baraka and more, Hip Hoppers
    Sight Beyond Light, Cella Dwellas and others also held it down for the
    cause. Lots of MCees and poets came out to support even though they
    didn't perform. Big up Mr. Khalil, Craig Mack, DCQ, and everybody. Of
    course Mos and Kweli brought love out of the crowd at Medgar Evers
    College in Brooklyn. The auditorium was over full. I think if most
    people paid the $20 to get in they easilly raised the $10, 000 needed.
    Good Luck to N'kiru Books in their new location on Washington Ave, a
    couple of blocks down from Eastern Pwy (by the Museum).

    Aight peace. If you want to be removed from this list, reply with

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