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Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 21:46:50 MET DST

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    Hey Argo and AJ'ers,

    Re: the LOM comp,

     From the GrooveDis list:
    Various/LAWS OF MOTION DLP LMLP102 $13.50
    Various/LAWS OF MOTION CD LMCD102 $18.00
    >From one of the most consistantly inspiring labels comes the long awaited
    selection that represents the imprint's quality and diversity. Label head
    CHRIS FLEMMING has no agenda other than constantly experimenting with soul
    and jazz, forming a futuristic hybrid of anything from reggae to house. The
    compilation features the label's established artists, the deep moody house
    of MODAJI, and the jazz/funk hybrid of NEON PHUSION. Feats
      unreleased cuts including BACK 2 EARTH's "Uh Huh", and Tonkatsu's (Seiji &
    Mark de Clive Lowe) "Insiders".


    It should be nice and fresh. I expect the Tonkatsu cut to be just
    delicious, as Seiji and Mark's work together (HomeCookin') has been
    great in the past.

    I am WAY down with the Family Planning comp as well - IG Culture
    compiled it (and *at least* half of the tracks are produced by him).
    Very exciting stuff! I got a chance to hear a promo of it briefly,
    about 70% of the material is unreleased, and some of it just didn't
    get it's fair play time when it came out originally (IE: "Amazing"
    feat. Bembe Segue:)

    Also, Mark De Clive-Lowe did a very twisted-up cover of "Move On Up"
    by Curtis Mayfield, out soon on Bittasweet. It's slowed down to 127
    bpm, female vocals (nicely done by cherie mathieson), an excellent
    reinterpretation. There are two Bugz in the Attic mixes on the flip
    which are *choice*

    Also, early next year we should see the first single from Mark De
    Clive-Lowe, Seiji and Domu working together on a project called KUDU.
    Out on Bitasweet, the first track is called "Transit".

    .aaron shinn

    ps: I am still doing my west london / shiki radio show - now weekly
    on Monday nights from 11pm - 12:30am Central time. 12am - 1:30am EST.
    No archives yet, but tune in live at

    At 2:20 PM -0400 10/23/00, Aregood, Michael wrote:
    >Hello listees. Does anyone have or know the tracklisting for the new double
    >Laws of Motion compilation? Just wondering if it's worth the $$$ since i
    >have a lot of 12"s from that label...
    >Keep an eye out for the Main Squeeze comp "Family Planning". Every track
    >sounds boundry pushing to my ears. If you were into the Co-Operation comp,
    >this is a must have!

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