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From: Charles Hoop (
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 00:24:31 MET DST

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    For the past few weeks I have been sorting and archiving all the messages
    from the Acid Jazz mailing list at For example, all the
    messages about events have been put into an category about events / clubs
    for different cities. Announcements about webcasts are all in one
    place. Links to other online resources like CD sources are also in
    different categories. Artists mentioned have their own sub-categories with
    reviews / comments.

    You can also make documents which summarize the information from a lot of
    emails. I have done this with the webcasts postings. Instead of reading
    all the emails, you can just look at a document. I hope that this makes it
    easier for everyone to find information in the future.

    The Groupedia site is designed so that everyone on the list can do this
    categorizing, adding links, creating documents etc, by themselves. That
    way if you find a cool new store for acid jazz records you can add it to a
    category in addition to just posting to the list. I find it difficult to
    go back and search all the messages in my email in box looking for things
    and I think this layout will help out a lot.

    All this sorting is a lot for one person to do, but not much if several
    people help out. I would like to find out if you think this site is useful
    for the group and if people would be willing to help out, however little,
    with the site maintenance. Perhaps we can come up with a system where if
    you ask a question and get answers, you can put them in the right place so
    that other people can find them.

    I don't want to make using this to seem like a lot of work. I just want to
    see that all the work that goes in to writing messages is not lost.

    Many of you have checked out the site already. When you go there, you need
    to go to Acid Jazz web group. It is a good idea to join by clicking on
    membership and joining the web group. That way you can take advantage of
    all the tools.

    Please let me know if you think this site will be useful for the Acid Jazz
    list, if it can be changed or made better. If anyone has questions about
    this or wants to help out whenever they can, you can email me or give me a
    call and I would be happy to go over things with you.

    Charles Hoop
    303 447 0778
    Charles Hoop
    Chief Operating Officer
    303 447 0778

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