Re: Are any of you on the kozmigroov list as well?

From: Jason Witherspoon (
Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 02:36:02 MET DST

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    At 6:43 PM -0400 10/25/00, Stimp wrote:
    >If so, I'd appreciate if you can send me the address where I can
    >join. I figure that Errol Pace or some of you who like "out there"
    >stuff may be hooked up. Help a brutha out, k?

    hey Stimp--

    I run that list; it was down for a while earlier this month (screw
    Best/Verio/Digital Nation!!), but it's back in action now. Just send
    a message to <> (or, for the digest,
    <> w/the words "subscribe
    [your@email.address]" in the BODY of the message--



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