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Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 03:26:09 MET DST

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    Come on down!!! Ive been a few times, and its certainly an experience.
    Yes, you'll most definitely need your towel, cuz you'll definitely be
    sweating, but dont worry theres plenty of water! And on your way out, you
    can pick up a Tee shirt, and other souvenirs from your trip. Check out the
    site, (i think). And yes there are now 3 Body and Soul
    compilations out now.



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    hey all

    im thinking of heading to NY to check out body and soul early next
    year, do you need to be a member to get in? I've heard a towel and
    clean clothes are essential (ie plenty of dancing) love to hear
    some more about it if anyone here is a regular..

    did someone just mention the body and soul mix cds? If anyone
    has them and is interested in doing some trading for other stuff let
    me know! :)


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