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    Keyser & Shuriken - newsletter #37: Lalo has fun with this

    Newsflash 16.10.2000

    Dear friends,

    You might have realised that in the last weeks there was not much going on
    around here (resulting short bullshit newsletters). Returning back from
    Germany we finally have so much to let you know, that this newsletter will
    go on for pages.

    First of all we would like to thank the invitations, hospitality (and bags
    of promos) to our German friends: Michael, Theo and Florian @ Into
    Somethin'/Compost (Munich) and the whole Bogaloo/Spinning Wheel bunch
    (Pfarrkirchen). Big up to all that came down to see us djing!

    We would also like to warn those who will have the opportunity to play for
    the friendly crowd of Bogaloo (real living room atmosphere, people head
    nodding to djs from around the world in a building that used to be the
    cinema of the Bavarian small town with 13.000 inhabitants). Don't go
    anywhere near the superb Spinning Whell record store if you don't want to
    blow twice the money you earned at the club the night before (no matter how
    big discount these guys give you, their impressive selection include dozens
    Soul/Jazz/HipHop/Brazilian/NuJazz/EasyListening LPs and 12"s and 7"s you
    were dieing to buy in the last few years).

    One more thing we have learnt in Pfarrkirchen: Space Night (check out is the perfect program to
    watch when you're chilling out after a long Saturday night spent in a club.
    BR (Bayerische Rundfunk) broadcasts this program via satellites. So those
    of you who live in Europe might have a chance to catch this show consisting
    of moving pictures of the Earth shot from outer space accompanied by the
    most spliffed out trip hop tunes (aviable on CDs) ever made (also some
    blurred spoken words blending in sometimes in German but we couldn't really
    understand them at that point of the night).

    To stay in space for one more paragraph: some of you have probably seen the
    e-mail questionnaire that tried to get your definition of Jazzanova's music
    (probably for the booklet of the remix collection). We were too late
    answering that, but yesterday night Shuriken have found what he thinks
    describes best the music of the German dj/producer team. Now we would like
    to share it with all of you (so that the true knowledge will be spread):
    Jazzanova makes by our definition Berlin Space Bass music.

    We also had the opportunity to check out Yonderboi's latest work. Our
    Hungarian friend has just finished the soundtrack to the 15 minutes promo
    version of a Hungarian feature film, called Anna és az Aranyváros (Anna and
    the Golden City). The forceful black and white pictures (shot in Bulgaria)
    accompanied by Yonderboi's splendid retro grooves have reminded us of some
    Italian movies of the sixties (the film material is likely to be also used
    for the forthcoming video of Yonder's Road Movie track). This promo piece
    is made to raise money for making the whole movie (they have intended to
    shoot most of it in Berlin), and we would be glad to put any of you - who
    can help in finding those who might help financing this picture - in touch
    with the makers of this film. Drop us an e-mail!

    This week's reading is from the liner notes of The Liquidator (a Lalo
    Schiffrin Soundtrack that Shuriken was looking for for ages and found at
    the Spinning Wheel store):

    "Bikini-clad nymphs prance around a French Riviera Hotel swimming-pool to
    the strains of Bikini Waltz.
    Casino Rhapsody. Gypsy music, sobbing violins. Lalo has fun with this.
    Boysie is making love to a beautiful girl in his apartment while the flute
    version of his favourite music, Boysie's Bossa, comes from his favourite
    mechanical invention: the phonograph."

    Keep on making love to the sounds coming from your phonograph till next

    Keyser & Shuriken


    Tilos Radio (
    Kristalykert (Crystal Garden - 24.10.2000) - DJs: Keyser, Shuriken,


    Hi-fi: <>

    1. Serge Gainbourg - Hotel Particulier (Philips)
    2. Jean Jacques Perry - E.V.A. (Soul Jazz)
    3. Mr. Chop - The Incredible Popcorn Experiment (Stark Reality)
    4. Calypso King & The Soul Investigators - Damper Down Popcorn (Soul Fire)
    5. Eddie Warner - Devils Anvil (Jazzman)
    6. Diszkónika
    7. Eddy Wrner - Poppy Fiddles (Jazzman)
    8. The Professionals - The Godfather (Strictly Breaks)
    9. Nightmares On Wax - Keep On (Warp)
    10. Attica Blues - What Do You Want (Sony)
    11. Jill Scott - Love Rain (Hidden Beach)
    12. Kool & The Gang - oul Vibrations (De-Lite)
    13. The Unlimited Orchestra - Midnight Groove (20th Century)
    14. Marc Moulin - Tohobohu Part 1 (Counterpoint)
    15. DJ Food - Full Bleed (Ninja Tune)
    16. Tim Hutton - Beenafool - The Nextmen mix (Pias)
    17. Tim Love Lee - Go Down Dixie (Tummy Touch)
    18. Yonderboi - Virgács Hitch Hike Widescreen mix (CDR)
    19. Spinning Wheel - Listen (Spinning Wheel)
    20. A Guy Called Gerald - Hurry To Go Easy (K7!)
    21. Prespeus - Brazil (white)
    22. Turntable Terranova - Penetrate (Compost)
    23. Pete - Dark City (Subscope)
    24. Pete - Low F.O.S. (Subscope)
    25. Jolly Mukherjee & The Madras Cinematic Orchestra - Kirwani - Badmarsh &
    Shri remix (Compost)
    26. London Elektricity - Round The Corner (Hospital)
    27. Piero Umiliani - L'Uomo e la citta - Raphael Sebbag mix (Right Tempo)
    28. Bonobo - Dismantling Frank (Tru Thoughts)
    29. Lalo Shifrin - The Killer (MGM)
    30. David Axelrod - The Smile
    31. Peter-Thomas Sound Orchestra - Hedono (Bungalow)
    32. Jean Jacques Perry - Moog Indigo (Soul Jazz)
    33. The James Gang - Funk #49 (Phase4)
    34. Eddie Warner - Brutus-Drums (Fat City)
    35. Sounds Of The San Francisco Adult Bookstores (Planet Pimp)
    36. DJ Trax - Surroundings (Lacerba)
    37. DJ Food - Minitoka (Ninja Tune)
    38. Minnie Riperton - Lovin You
    39. Homelife - Fiarweather Friend (Master Detective)
    40. What I'm Feeling (Rea & Christian mix) (Warp)
    41. Jazzkantine - Der Ton macht die Musik - Catina Latina mix/Original Jazz
    Rockers (Rap Nation)
    42. Tim Love Lee - Titi Tango (tummy Touch)
    43. Space Clique - Exit#1: Lunar Park - Volker Meitz remix (Spinning Wheel)
    44. Ski - Fifhts - Jazzanova 6 Sickth mix (JCR)
    45. Tutto Matto - Don't Stop (Tummy Touch)
    46. Universal Principles - Flying High - Sidewinder's re-work (Soma)
    47. Kimbu Kimra - Raise The Dead - Atjazz mix (Compost)
    48. Jill Scott - Exclusively (Hidden Beach)

    Tour dates:

    5.11. Zagreb (CR), Aquarius ( /w
    Eddy & Dus
    11.11. Budapest, Sziget Events Hall: FREEE 5. Birthday Party
    30.12. Budapest, Trafó /w Palotai, Lee'n'gum

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