RE: Hefner: Residue?

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Date: Fri Oct 27 2000 - 03:23:09 MET DST

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    > Subject: Hefner: Residue?
    > Alright kids - it's been out for at least a week. Hefner's album,
    > "Residue" on Inertia is freaking awesome. It *purrs*. It's got drama.
    > It's dope. If you are offended by his shuffley programming style, be
    > forewarned that he does it to the hilt. I bloody love it. Been
    > playing it for the last 48 hours solid. I hope I don't burn out on it
    > and shelve it for six months :) These things happen... Josee (from
    > "Fall Into You") appears on vocals (writing lyrics as well) on
    > several cuts. Jeez. Go out and listen to it somewhere!
    > Any thoughts, list?
    > .aaron shinn

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