Re: No Doctor L??

From: Joe Rice (
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 01:01:56 CEST

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    Exploring the Inside World is pretty tasty. 3LP downtempo sample
    exploitation, just on the right side of funky. The more recent stuff
    I've heard has been more experimental and less groove oriented.


    At 12:23 PM -0700 4/30/01, Jason Witherspoon wrote:
    >At 08:01 AM 4/30/01 -0700, B. Allison wrote:
    >> I really like this Tony Allen album. Great
    >>combination of afrobeat, funk and spaced-out
    >>electronics. This new project sounds even better.
    >> Was able to get a few Doctor L MP3s from someone a
    >>guy in Holland and have been searching for his albums
    >>ever since. Are they distributed or available any
    >>place? Hard to get?
    >At the risk of sounding like a freaking Amazon shill, the only place
    >I've seen _Exploring da Inside World_ (his first, supposedly best?)
    >listed (outside of the crapshoot GEMM listings) is
    >He releases all these "eps" that are basically full-length albums
    >(clocking in at around 40m)-- _The Give Away Box_ is my favorite
    >such article thus far. Then there's the _Mountains Will Never
    >Surrender_ ep, & one called _Navigator_ which I haven't heard. The
    >new full-length is called _A Temple on Every Street_. I go back &
    >forth on it-- in a way, his strengths are his weaknesses; he samples
    >himself playing all the instruments, which gives everything a pretty
    >interesting vibe (almost like the Eno/Talking Heads/D. Byrne
    >collaborations). The vocals are not all that strong, but given the
    >high-tolerance people have for wack vocals hereabouts it's probably
    >not a big issue, & the instrumental quotient is pretty high. Kind
    >of a sampled no-wave/electronica base w/a lot of psychedelic
    >freakery poking through the mix here & there. Not describing stuff
    >too well this morning, maybe someone can pick up this ball & run

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