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    If this thread is dead please excuse my attempt to revive it with yet
    another shameless broken-beat reference...

    If you haven't already go grab Alison David's - "The Last Look EP" with
    "Hold on" and "I'll Be" Great RnB vocals with a that fit nicely with Paris
    Clemmons' "Black Mary" and Mark De C-L's gorgeous Curtis Mayfield re-work,
    "Move on up". Tight production from the usual Bugz suspects.

    Full corny-ass-DJ disclosure: I'm feeling "I'll be" so much I've included it
    as an "official" (i.e. written on the program as part of the 'ole "prelude")
    tune for my upcoming nuptials this Saturday along with Ultra Nates beautiful
    "Twisted" Dego rework. That one's a bit dirty for the Grannies, but what the
    hell, it's my big throw down...


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    Hey Dirk and AJlist, here are some names worth checking:

    1. Bilal
    This cat was doing vocals on tracks for common and the
    philly/soulquarians crew a while back and his voice is outrageous.
    Raphael Saadiq / James Poyser produced his first LP which is called
    "1st born second". I think it might be out now, but I'm not sure.
    Several choice tunes if you're a fan of Poyser's production. I'm
    dying to get this on wax!

    2. India Arie
    I don't have the album, but I've heard some good tunes here and
    there. A few pals have given the LP a good rating.

    3. Ledisi
    She's a west coast vocalist. She did a live show at the funky buddha
    lounge (chicago!) and tore the damn roof off! If her live shows are
    any indication, her recorded work must be smokin'. I think her LP is
    called "Soulsinger".

    ... And if you don't have "Mamma's Gun" from Ms. Badu, you're outta
    your head :)

    Also, we might see more from Paris Clemmons (ala Black Mary on
    2000Black). There's a new tune from her on the Versatile Family
    compilation that is *sweeeet*. I'm hoping we see a new EP or LP from
    her in a season's time.

    Anybody else? I'd love to get some new soul leads!

    .aaron shinn

    At 8:37 PM -0500 4/27/01, Dirk van den Heuvel wrote:
    >Well with all this talk about hip hop I have to chime in with some
    >props for Chi-Town's very own All Natural. We're actually listening
    >to their new album right now while we work on the new list...the CD
    >is out on ....Thrill Jockey???!!! (the LP is on Fat Beats which
    >makes MUCH more sense). It's a very nice album with some jazzy
    >touches, but it's a lot ruffer than say Common. FYI: All Natural's
    >first album was released by Cup Of Tea (which alas is no
    >more--though we do have all their stock if you're looking for
    >anything :).
    >And I also give big ups to Blackalicious' Nia album--that record is
    >fantastic. On the Gangstarr tip, I love Premier's production but
    >alot of Guru's raps leave me cold. I was really disappointed by the
    >last Jazzamatazz album... And of course the Roots are top of the
    >food chain (IMHO). We just repressed their first album again on
    >vinyl (and promptly sold out) and you know it still sounds fresh as
    >hell like 9 years later...
    >On a slightly different tip can anyone recommend any good r&b ala
    >Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, etc. The last buying binge I was a few
    >months back and I guess I due for another... I've heard the Res
    >(sp?) name but haven't heard any of the music--is her album worth
    >picking up? How about Sunshine Anderson?
    >Dirk van den Heuvel
    >President/GM, Groove Distribution
    >"Your Guide To The Underground"

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