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Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 18:37:07 CEST

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    I've got both 'Phuturesole' and 'Tribes...'.
    Both great albums, but the mastering on 'Tribes...' is much better quality,
    much brighter.
    The line up on 'Tribes...' is better as well, IMO.


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    It also turned up on the Phuture Sole compilation out a few months
    ago on Sole...


    At 10:03 PM -0600 4/30/01, Jason Jasberto Batog wrote:
    > > Which album/compilation was that track "Lazy Days" by Homecookin' on?
    >Only one I can think in a compilation format was "Tribes From The
    >Underground 7" on Infracom! Was quite nice, has the exclusive instrumental
    >to the 2 Banks Of 4 Frieze To A Phrase version of Silent Poets' "Prisons".
    >Also the Ultra Naté/4 Hero mashup! NICE!
    >The only other thing was obviously the original Sole Summer Sampler 2000
    >that was released back then. I wonder when the full Homecookin album is
    >going to come out? Did anyone think that the mastering on the "All About
    >The Mind" was a lil sketchy? What did everybody think?

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