Re: Russ Gabriel

Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 21:30:52 CEST

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    You can still find the "He's the Man EP" on "Out of the loop recordings" in good
    vinyl record shops. It's terrific. I know he has released a few other EP
    previously but I never managed to find them...


    > Hi People
    > I recently bought the Trip Do Brasil EP (2?) and I just really dig the
    > track by Russ Bagriel.
    > I think I've seen him play in a local club in Amsterdam and his
    > performance
    > was wicked (especially the live percussionist that accompanied him!!).
    > I've been asking at my local record dealer about this guy but he doesn't
    > seem to have released many more of this stuff.
    > Could anyone give me some more info on him and his work.
    > Any other producers that create the same kind of work? The track by
    > David
    > Matthews- Sambafrique (on Glucklig..) is kind of what I am thinking of
    > as
    > well.
    > Thanx in advance,
    > Eelco

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