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Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 12:16:53 CEST

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    These newsletters will come periodically. Some long some short
    but hopefully always informative.

    Some quick news.
    Starting this month I am charting a top ten list every month at the complete listing of places I am
    charting....please send an e-mail stating so in the subject line) This
    listing will be up at the end of the week for May.
    I am now DJing at Goodlove Bar on Fridays instead of Sundays. Yes, I am
    going to miss it but things change.

    Over the last weekend Ultraworld, Buzzlife Productions threw Odyssey at the
    D.C. Armory in Washington D.C.
    Now I cannot tell you what happened before I got there but when I did the
    show seemed to be in full swing. The indoors looked and sounded incredible
    but the party was outside. Q-Burns Abstract Message was rocking the outside
    with some chill house music, just bringing that chill bouncy house that he
    rocks so well. After him came local favorite Thunderball whose drum n bass
    sound was exactly what the crowd needed to listen to during the late
    afternoon. The Goodlooking crew was up next with PFM and LtJ Bukem with MC
    Conrad on the microphone. Scotto's lights were exceptional all night long.

    Not only did I have a good time talking to some old friends but I got a
    chance to get interviews with Q-Burns, Thunderball and Scott Henry to air on
    the show in the upcoming weeks. I will send out a reminder for those special
    evenings. I will also transcribe the interviews in the weeks following the
    airing and send them in the newsletter.

    During the month of May I am going to feature certain labels all night on the
    show that I have played throughout the year on the show. The labels to be
    showcased are Eighteenth Street Lounge from DC; Good-looking Organization,
    Ninja Tune, Compost, Ubiquity, and Naked Music. I love all of these labels
    equally and want to give them thanks for having such good music which help me
    make up my show every week.

    Below you will find the track listing for the show. Each week I will have
    reviews of the newest tracks in my selection as well as other songs that I
    have not reviewed before.

    Track Listing for April 28th --
    rinocerose- mes vacanes a Rio- francois k remix-V2 12in
    this track is so nice. the congas lay so good with the live guitar and the
    sultry flute lines just round out the track. Good for the dance floors as
    well as hanging out.
    soultice-tenderly house music-om records- Pepe Braddock French Connection
    Miguel Migs- do it again-the soul selecta ep-nrk sound division-12in\
    I love this track because the sample is in the background the entire time.
    just when you think you can recognize the drops back into
    obscurity... Miguel has the sound right now. Good on the dance floor to
    bring up the energy.
    Silent Poets-save the day-remixed by Restless Soul from the album to come
    another vision- yellow records
    bossa nostra featuring Bruna Loppez- chico desperado- At Jazz remix- Irma
    Unlimited 12 in
    Bill Summers- Brazillian Skies- from the album Mundial Muzique- Guidance
    T.P.O- Hiroshi's Dub-The Joe Clausell Mixes- Disorient Recordings- 12in
    I love the way this track justs builds on the conga line for over 4 minutes.
    Great for adding textures and light mixes until the violin and bass line come
    in. this is a great track for transistioning the dance floor to a more tribal
    Pepe Braddock- Deep Burnt- KiF 12in
    Scott Free- Whitelabel- 12in
    this house remix of Jill Scott is great...nice mellow pads accent her voice
    and the break downs are exactly like the original so people can sing along
    (lol).. at 128 bums the voice still sounds good but anymore than that and it
    starts to sound chipmunkee --

    might as well call it the naked hour tonight--i just got to playing them and
    so many calls came into play more stuff so I just kept going...
    ?Q-Burns Abstract Message?BS?- White Label-
    I am not sure what the actual track is... but the beat is nice and bouncy and
    the filtered vocal track is nice
    Andy Caldwell- Carnaval- Deep C mix Om records- 12in
    I must be a sucker for congas because these just fill up the track. Good use
    of blending the percussion so that they do not sound muddled and easy to mix.
    Undercover Agency featuring trust- sweetest kind (undercover dub)- Nude
    Directions Ep- Naked Music 12in
    Baltimore Washington Project-Twilight in DC- 95 North- Poji Records-12in
    This is one of the nicest tracks that Poji put out this year. The filter
    synth and bass lines along with the driving house beat makes this track rock
    all the way through. The breakdown in the middle is better left alone. Let
    this one play
    Karizma- Shades of K-Basement Boy Records 12in
    another local track. Hot Hot Hot. Karizma will be taking over Sunday nights
    at the Goodlove when he gets back in June from Germany.
    Aquanote-True Love- migs petalpusher love dub-
    I love this track. Great production... the melody line repeats over and over
    until the nice dubby vocals come in. Great to dance with a shorty too.
    John Beltran featuring Sol Set - Aztec Girl- Earth Goodlooking Records
    by far one of my favorite tracks right now. this song has it all...from the
    slow beginning into the samba and then into the is so hot.
    the vocals are so good and it just builds and builds until .... The ending
    is perfect. This song has ended my sets a lot.

    K-Scope-Different Places-Cookin Cookin EP 5
    Appetizers- Earth- Prepared by Wagon Cookin 12in
    Paul Hestor-see the light- Paper Recordings 33 12in
    soultice- the reason- from the om lounge 4 LP- om records
    actual Proof- lifted-
    this is a great track off a great CD by this band out of NY. they have a
    sound akin to drum and bass and the singer is similar to j-kay. really nice.
    Mescalito-shoreditch oyster-fromthe album One Path in a Million- tummytouch
    Spam All Stars-Shakey- White Label 12in
    this is such a good record from Miami All four tracks are nice as hell.
    Shakey has that cool acid jazz sound that reminds me of the exodus quartet.
    Really good samples layered effortlessly while the percussions make the
    entire track move along nicely.
    Tosca- Chocolate Elvis- from the album Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions-the second
         chapter-Guidance Recordings.
    UltraNate-Twisted-4hero remix- from the album tribes vol6 soul searching
    this is a departure from both of these artists but this a great meeting of
    the minds. The pads that start out this track are nice and subtle and the
    off beat rhythm that comes in so nice. this one is good late early or
    the boys from brazil- Tiu-ba-la-quieba- from the album trip do brasil 2
    farid-d.c. masala -crowd control ep- esl 12in
    the first offering from the co-owner of the legendary 18th street lounge.
    this song goes the limit to bringing the lounge to the dance floor. it moves
    simply around a few samples but enough to grab attention. and that vocal
    just brings back memories of way back when.....
    gotan project- tripitico- ya basta-
    this is another one of those songs that has all the elements that make up a
    good track. The throbbing bass line and the haunting accordion make this
    romp through samba worth it. The live percussion only add to the
    otherworldly feel this track comes with.

    DJ Vadim-The Terrorist featuring Moshun Man- Ninja Tune 12in
    Roni Size- Dirty Beats- Skitz Remix- Talking Loud 12in
    Common featuring Macy Gray- the Light- MCA Records 12 in
    LTJ Bukem- Cosmic Interlude- Cookin Records-
    one of his best records ever. This song goes so many places without going
    anywhere. I think the bass line and violin breakdown in the middle is one of
    the best ever. This song will always be in the crate.
    DJ ME DJ You-Future Resident- Because- Swamp Remix- Tricatel records
    the scratching on this track is incredible. and the opening computer vocals
    are the best... we need to have more fun records come out
    Pablo - Roll Call- from the album hi fidelity lounge vol2 subterranean
    soundtracks- guidance recordings
    Goldie- State of Mind- Metalheadz
    Desmond Williams-
    2 new EP's from the engineer for 18th street lounge records. both are hot
    and remind me of early thievery corporation. definitely worth getting for
    your collection.
    Earth Bound-See the Sun- from the album Future Sound of jazz vol. 6
    compost records
    Geb.el- the killer and the chicken- from the album from a distant point of
    view- mole recordings.
    This entire album is good. Different but good. I think that this album got
    looked over by many because the album has so many different styles layered
    throughout the album. This track in particular has a repetitive melody that
    is only broken up by a "inbred girl"
    telling a story about life on the farm in west virginia.(lol) but watch out
    for the gunshot.
    Lux-Jazz and Standards-this is home entertainment vol. 3- liquid sky music
    Professor Tsungs in Trouble-Carlito- Moving Shadow

    Organic Audio- Dark side of the Meloon- from the Untouchable - Tummy Touch
    collectibles- LP- Tummy Touch records
    Bomb the Bass- One to One Religon-Quango 12in
    I am so happy that this label is coming back
    BlueStates- Walkabout-The Walkabout EP
    Luke Vibert-I hear the Drummer- from the album xen cuts- ninjatune records
    Purple Penguin- Descendant-Cup of Tea Records
    Fear of Pop-In Love-Theivory Corporation Mix- Giant Step
    thievery coporation-Shaolin Satellite- esl 12in
    Kevin yost -drums delicious- om lounge 3
    the orb- o.o.b.e- from the u.f.orb album

    DJ Willie
    the audio infusion airs every Saturday night at 12am
     5am on 88.9 weaa fm morgan state university
    \myu-zik\ every Sunday at the goodlove bar in Baltimore
    skyline every Wednesday at the 13th floor in Baltimore
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