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From: Beau Young (
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 03:28:44 CEST

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    what you have so far looks right. my mom would probably like it too.
    now, think i'll start planning out a mother's day mix for her.

    good luck,
    beau j. young

    >From: "B. Allison" <>
    >To: Jazz Acid <>
    >Subject: Mix For Mom
    >Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 17:26:33 -0700 (PDT)
    > you guys might be able to help me on this one....
    > so i was home a couple weeks ago and picked up
    >kinobe's 'soundphiles' -- which, by the way, is a
    >great album. full of all these lush strings and
    >guitars, intricate layers, and has this really soft
    >feel to it. very much in the vein of blue states in
    >some ways.
    > i was at my mom's playing it and she started really
    >gettin into it. mainly she's into classical and some
    >opera now, although she still regularly throws dylan,
    >the doors and janice on the turntable. i burned her a
    >copy of kinobe and i guess she's playing it all the
    > it got me thinkin -- maybe for mother's day i'll
    >try to put more together for her. what what you guys
    >suggest? maybe i overlooked some stuff -- considering
    >i have almost 800 discs. i have a feeling it needs to
    >be downtempo and along the same lines. spent about an
    >hour diggin up my collection. here's what i've come up
    >with so far...
    > nightmares on wax - les nuits
    > badly drawn boy - the shining
    > jose padilla - que bonito
    > bang, bang & beats - believe (kid loco rmx)
    > robbie robertson - unbound
    > brooklyn funk essentials - take the l train
    > nitin sawhney - tides (live)
    > bonobo - terrapin
    > bebel gilberto - lonely
    > silent poets feat. roba - save the day
    > bullfrog - mark after dark
    > hefner - level green
    >thanks for any help,
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