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Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 11:14:17 CEST

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    Heya list,

    indeed Inda Arie's album didn't blow me away either, too much of the same but I won a ticket to her show for next monday in Paradiso, Amsterdam so let me find out if her live performance does her more right.

    I'm a good woman is an excellent comp, definitely one I play more then others.

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      Hey folks, it's been awhile. Been meaning to write for awhile, but haven't had the time. I came across a completely mind blowing compilation, out on Harmless Records, called "I'm A Good Woman: Funk Classics From Sassy Soul Sisters". It's a compilation of lesser known female artists at their most feral and funky, and it's the best funk compilation I've ever purchased. In the two volumes I've purchased (don't know if there's more, but I'm looking!), there's an Aretha track, a coupla Betty Davis tunes, a funky Pointer Sisters track, and some great tunes sung by former JB singers, but most of the stuff is much lesser known and hard to find. In any case, there ain't a bad tune on either cd, and it's as good as anything I've purchased in a long while.

          I also picked up India.Arie's last disc, "Acoustic Soul", and I can't say I'm that blown away. It's nice and all and more organic and soulful that most of the drivel being put out today, but it just hasn't grabbed me like I hoped it would. Which kinda makes me think: Am I the only one who finds himself not listening to Amel Larrieux or Erkah Badu's latest as much. I dunno, I was hoping that these two platters would have a little more staying power than they seem to; I've just lost interest somehow. Oh well.....


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