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Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 21:12:07 CEST

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    sounds dubious to me. although, given his enemies, i'm amazed that he lived
    as long as he did. but, 6 million ways to die, why fake an AIDS death?!
    wouldn't that take a 6 month regimen of poisons to look genuine?
    ironically, AIDS deaths are typically not diagnosed as AIDS deaths in africa
    (vast generalization for a continent, i know, but that's what i've read).
    and on that note, it's a pity that Fela didn't take a stand on his illness
    and get people talking about the reality of the situation. if anyone had
    the clout, it was Fela. there were even rumours that he was dying of
    cancer, suggesting that there was shame for his condition. tragic.

    thank god the pharmaceutical companies backed off of South Africa,
    aaron dario

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    > She says that Fela was murdered for political reasons. The AIDS story
    > was created -- possibly by his brother -- to stop the investigation
    > into his death.
    > Can anyone back this up?
    > Completely shoot it down?
    > Is that part of mythologizing the mighty fela?
    > _paul

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