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Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 22:33:44 CEST

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    You gotta remember that the label has to please its d'n'b following. On this
    list we might prefer the Outpatient comps, but others aren't necessarily
    into that sort of sound. Personally I think its great that there's been a
    bit of a resurgence of the lighter side of d'n'b and you've got to remember
    that some of the kids into the scene now weren't even listening to d'n'b
    when the scene went through that whole 'intelligent' vs 'tech-step' stage a
    fair few years ago now.

    >For a drum & bass dj this LP represents what was once the sound of
    > the enemy, male & diva vocals,

    Some of the stuff on Aspect Recordings is good too. Track them down if you
    like the vocals, but with a racier, dancefloor vibe.
    Can't remember the tracks but i think they're by State of The Art (or some
    other alias). Also worth checking is the Marcus Intalex stuff. I heard he
    just started his own label... (?)

    >reincorporated into a sub-genre that is
    > quickly proving its popularity (check J Majik on Defected, what's next,
    > Kosheen on Positiva!).

    I don't think we'll see a Kosheen on Positiva. I heard the reason that the
    J-Majik tune was on Defected was because the Kathy Brown vocal was actually
    meant for a funky Defected/Subliminal style house track that someone else
    was working on(?) Apparently it just happened to fit by accident and J-Majik
    thought he'd use it. It was just a total fluke... (correct me if I'm wrong

    > I never felt that way personally, but I know how it feels to be replaced
    > more "accessable" music. So, I think if you've been playing drum & bass
    > a while, whether you love PS2 or hate it, you might feel like your
    > on your girlfriend when/if you drop these tunes.

    huh? I'd hate to think I was cheating on my girlfriend every time I played
    this record... !

    > I suppose that my only difficulties with PS2, as I've complained before,
    are that it doesn't show
    > the complex orchestration and instrumentation of some of their older
    > releases. I mean is anything on here even close to LE's Pull the Plug LP?
    > Think about the oboe in "Rewind"?

    Yeah, Pull the Plug did rock.

    > But at the end of the day its still better than a lot of stuff out there.
    > i'm feeling the out of control hype of the danny byrd rmx, the minimal
    > analogue roller that is the LE remix (of yukihiro fukitomi) and the cut
    > the chopped amen, dark, epic synth and waling vocals (I can't remember if
    > that is the High Contrast or Carlito & Addiction).

    anyone else like 'The Trap" remix. Not a touch on the original - which is
    totally awesome.

    PS. does anyone have the Hopsital - Ultrasound compilation from '97. I dug
    it out the other day - kinda interesting.

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