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Date: Sun May 06 2001 - 23:27:32 CEST

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    At 07:54 PM 5/6/01 +0000, alisin wonderland wrote:
    >i'm going on a two week trip to
    >beijing, shanghai, tiapei, tokyo, hong kong, seoul trip from
    >11 may to 27th may...
    >has anyone ever visited there & do you know if there are
    >some reasonable club nights playing decent tuneage
    >and/or record stores (esp vinyl)...

    If you're going to HK, the clubs there SUCK. Don't even try to go clubbing
    there, you'll be disappointed (unless you happen to think KTV (aka
    videoke), lousy cover bands and the occasional obligatory commercial
    house/trance clubs are your idea of a good time) . They do have a few vinyl
    stores and even the big chains like HMV have a pretty big selection of
    12"s. You'll also have fun shopping there. Just don't go clubbing in HK!

    >& OT: does anyone know if laptops work out there?

    All laptops will be confiscated when you arrive at the airport. Just
    kidding. Seriously, you might need either a power convertor or a separate
    220v/50hz power supply for your laptop. Also, different companies have
    different plug styles. If you get a power convertor, find one that has
    universal plugs. Also, at least in HK, if you need a dialup connection,
    you're gonna have to buy a UK-style telephone adaptor. You can pick one up
    at any computer store there. They only cost about $2 US.

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