Re: King Britt & St Germain

Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 00:44:43 CEST

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    I'm not sure about the sample although I think it is a sample. However, I am
    positive on the fact that the St Germain album was released long before King
    Brit's album was produced. So the question now is who was copied in the first


    > Hi people,
    > Im currently listening to the album Boulevard from St Germain
    > (cd-version). Track number 3, called Street Scene, uses a groove that I
    > know from the King Britt album When the Funk Hits the Fan (where it has
    > a women singing).
    > Question now: are they both using the same sample (if so: what sample),
    > or is one using the music of the other (if so: whos using who)?
    > thanx and have a nice weekend,
    > Xander
    > your online source to funk, soul and jazzmusic

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