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Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 19:07:08 CEST


    A mojo is, quite simply, a charm or, at a stretch a spell, but it is
    actually some sort of thing that carries a good spell, like a rabbit's foot
    or whatever, remember got my mojo working? I cannot remember who sang that
    song originally, can anyone fill me in on that? I think Jimmy Smith did a
    version at one point

    leslie/The Power of Sound
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    > Hi James and List,
    > Of the myriad slang meanings mojo might have now, I believe the
    > origin to be in American Hoodoo conjurework. At least the mojo you
    > hear mentioned in all those old blues songs anyway. It's usually a
    > small flannel bag or charm that you carry on your person to
    > "activate" a spell. A lot of general-use mojos are for luck in love,
    > gambling, etc but get more special-purpose from there.
    > Can anybody add to this? I'm certainly no authority.
    > Got my mojo workin',
    > .aaron shinn
    > At 3:14 PM +0100 5/8/01, Park, James R S wrote:
    > >Hey list. Sorry bout my ignorance, but what the hell does Mojo mean? I
    > >on seeing it everywhere, but can't figure out the meaning/origin of the
    > >word. Thanx in advance: james.

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