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    At 11:09 AM 4/29/01 -0700, Shane Schaetz wrote:
    >interesting stuff from


    >1. The use of sounds that exist already, subject to article 2, is not
    >allowed. In particular:
    > 1.. No drum machines.

    Oh come on, no one uses drum machines anymore! It's all sequenced drum hits

    > 2.. All keyboard sounds must be edited in some way: no factory presets or
    >pre programmed patches are allowed.

    "Gasp! You used patch A62 on the Roland JP-8000! You should be sentenced to
    death for that!"

    >2. Only sounds that are gernerated at the start of the compositional process
    >or taken from the artist's own prevously unused archive are available for
    >sampling. The use of, ordering and manipulation of noise-sound/found-sound
    >is to be held as the highest priority in composition.

    Okay, I'll admit, sampling yourself is a cool idea.

    >3. The sampling of other people's music is strictly forbidden.

    "Uh! Hitmeh! Yeahboyyyee! I know yo gonna dig this!"

    >4. No replication of traditional acoustic instruments is allowed where the
    >financial and physical possibility of using the real ones exists.

    But if the financial and physical possibility DOESN'T exist...

    >7. All fx settings must be edited: no factory preset or pre-programmed
    >patches are allowed.

    "Oh no!! Not that Lexicon "Hall Reverb 3"! Anything but that!"

    >8. Samples themselves are not to be truncated from the rear since extra
    >audio and recording information is often heard at the end.

    <click! pop!>

    Well, I guess he doesn't do 2-step garage then.

    >9. A notation of every sound, its source and a full description of all
    >technical equipment used per track to be taken and made available at a
    >future date.

    So where can we see this?

    >10. Remixes must be completed using only the sounds provided by the original
    >artist including any packaging the media was provided in.

    And the horse they rode in on.

    Elson / e:trinity
    Hey, I've never used an "Amen" break on any of my recordings. Should I put
    that in writing too?

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