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    LAB REPORT 18.01

    WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM
    Thursdays 10pm-2am
    Chris Widman & DJ LSE

    Lab Report is an update on the Chicago radio program Abstract
    Science, distributed to our favorite labels, artists, press,
    promoters, listeners and friends. We hope that this information is
    useful in providing an introspective look into our side of the global

    [1] We are finally broadcasting via the Internet! Go to
    and follow the instructions to listen to Abstract Science via
    Shoutcast or winamp (MAC OS9 users download "itunes" from,
    to run on MAC OS8.6, download additional "itunes patch" from

    [2] Thanks to everyone in the Chi-town area who has been doing their
    part to support our growing night at the Smartbar. Special thanks to
    Impossible Recording Machine for providing two sets of spaced-out
    beats and live jazz improv for our first live performance (4.9.01).
    Check the website, , and look out for
    the LP out this summer on [Sister Machine Gun's] Positron! Records

    A B S T R A C T > S E S S I O N S
    [ambient breakbeats | future bass | jazz atmospherics]

    MONDAYS 10pm-4am @ SMARTBAR

    with Resident Selectors
    DJ LSE
    Chris Widman
    DJ Warp
    + Guests

    [SMARTBAR | 3730 N.Clark | 773.549.0203]
    [$2 ] [21+]

    [Monday, June 11]
    Abstract Sessions presents
    TOBIAS from Guidance Records + Resident Selectors

    Look out for the next LP in the Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions, NYC based
    reggae collective
    Roots Combination, out on Guidance June 12.

    [3] Luke's (LSE) compilation, "A.a. [Audio anonymous] : a twelve
    step program" will be released on his own Deezal Records through
    Caroline Distribution. The 12 track compilation focuses on emerging
    artists from across the U.S. The street date for this budget
    conscious compilation (do not pay more than 10.98 for this CD!) is
    07/XX/01. Featuring new & unreleased tracks from Baldwin Brothers,
    Mike Ladd & Not Breathing. More to come.

    Stereotyp feat Tikiman-"Jahman"--G-Stone
    If you know Peter Kruder's work with Fauna Flash as Voom:Voom, then
    this new 12" from Kruder & Dorfmeister's G-Stone imprint is no
    surprise. Fellow Austrian Stefan Mörth (aka Stereotyp) delivers a
    leftfield dancefloor killer with vocal assistance from the legendary
    Tikiman. Imagine the hardest of the hardcore ragga beats, dubbed and
    re-grooved Vienna style, topped off with solid toasting and a
    developing acid line ala Woody McBride. A wicked preview of the
    forthcoming LP.

    [05/03/01 Playlist] >> ABSTRACT SCIENCE WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM
    TRS-80-Track 8--Back Up:01-CD-R
    Horchata-"Transfiguration"--Horchata/ocosi-Zero 1
    Mr. Velcro Fastener-"Real Robots Don't Die"--Those Bastards Living Up
    Biotek-Unreleased Track--Velcro CDR (Unrelated to Mr. Velcro above)
    Kolo-"Polar"--Diversions of Grandeur-C-Fom
    Air-"Electronic Performers"--10,000Hz Legend-Astralwerks
    Impossible Recording Machine-"Soft Rains"-CDR
    -overlay: Spoken word from Regie Cabico-Mouth Almighty Records
    Sven Van Hees-"Matress Mambo"--le groove electique-Max Music
    Ian Simmonds-"Ocean Hill"--Return to X-Studio K7
    Sonar Circle-"Havoc"--Havoc EP-Reinforced
    Sonar Circle-"In Deep"-Reinforced
    Angel Zero-"Laroux"--Subtitles
    Eniac & Search Engine-"Tipo Molex"-Reinforced
    Yukihiro Fukitomi-"I Am (London Electricity RMX)"--Plastic Surgery 2-Hospital
    Fellowship-"Feelin' Good"--Defunked
    Proteus-"The Theme"--Vibez White
    Deepflow-"Aquasky"--Purified Audio
    Bomb The Bass-"Clearcut"--Morr Music
    Stereotyp meets Tikiman-"Jahman'--G-Stone
    Voom:Voom-"Ginger & Fred"--Compost
    London Electricity-"Round the Corner (Landslide Voacl RMX)"--Hospital
    Landslide-"Subtraction"--Drum & Bossa-Om/Hospital
    Dzihan & Kamien-"Homebase (UFO Remix)"--Traveler '01-Six Degrees
    Cassandra Wilson feat. Anelique Kidjo--"Voodoo Reprise"--DJ Smash
    Phonography-Blue Note
    Metabolics II-"My Dead"--Dawn of the Dead-Word Squad
    Anti-Pop Consortium-"Eye Wall"--Tragic Epilogue-Ozone
    Wagon Christ-"Bend Over"--Musipal--Ninjatune
    Fantastic Plasic Machine-"Black Dada"--Beautiful-Emporer Norton
    Witchman vs. Jammin' Unit-"Desert ILL"--Inferno-Invisible
    Baldwin Brothers-"Dream Girl"--Cooking with Lasers-TVT
    Lemon Jelly-"A Tune for Jack"--ky-XL Records
    Brokeback-"The Field Code"--Field Recording From the Cook County
    Water Table-Thrill Jockey
    C17H19NO3-"I Know You Will"--Terra Null-Deezal

    College Music Journal (Domestic Full-Length Releases)

    RPM Chart 05/07/01
    WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM
    Abstract Science
    Chris Widman & Luke Stokes

    1. Landslide-Drum & Bossa-Hospital/Om
    2. Various-No Catagories 4-Ubiquity
    3. Troublemakers-Doubts & Convictions-Guidance
    4. Ian Simmonds-Return to X-Studio K7
    5. Mr. Velcro Fastener-Lucky Bastards Living Up North-I2200/Statra
    6. Wagon Christ-Musipal-Ninjatune
    7. VA-Compost Community-Compost
    8. Big Bud-Late Night Blues-Good Looking
    9. Dzihan & Kamien-Re-Freaked-Couch/Six Degrees
    10. Kolo-Diversions of Grandure-C-Foam

    * Chris Widman *
    April 2001 Top Ten
    1. Tee Bee-"Meet Your Maker"--Subtitles
    2. Aquasky vs. Master Blaster-"Control"--Passenger
    3. B.L.I.M.-"Check It Out"--Track 1
    4. Aardvark-"Spoken (Nubian Mindz Remixes)"--Rush Hour
    5. Pilote-doitnowman--Certificate 18
    6. Ian Simmonds-Return to X--Studio K7
    7. J-Majik feat Kathy Brown-"Love is Not a Game (Dillinja RMX)"--White
    8. Sonar Circle-Havoc EP--Reinforced
    9. Waldeck-This Isn't Maybe--EMagine [Chet Baker vocals!!!!]
    10. Proteus-"The Theme"--Vibez promo

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    Chris Widman
    820 Judson #3
    Evanston, IL 60202

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