Nu Spirit/Gotan Project

From: B. Allison (
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 16:42:22 CEST

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    hey all, I know this has probably been discussed
    before but I am loving the stuff by Nu Spirit Helsinki
    and the Gotan Project. Great layered rhythmic sounds
    interlaced with cha cha guitars, horns, and even an
    accordian in parts.

    Gotan's El Capitalismo and Triptico tracks are
    amazing, as is Nu Spirit's makoomba breaks 12". Have
    only been able to find 12s and singles out by these
    guys but I understand Nu Spirit is workin on a full
    length to be out on Guidance (btw, what a great, great

    Are these groups out on their own with this blend of
    live instrumentation house music or are there others?
    I have to admit, being a more downtempo, latin and
    hip-hop fan I haven't given house a real chance -- but
    this stuff is changing my views all together. any


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