RE: Will this break 2 step in the US?

From: Mark Turner (
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 00:38:59 CEST

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    Leslie Shill said:

    So Dave, I just can't agree with you about 2-step, there will probably
    eventually be a handful of tracks that bear mentioning but I am unable to
    see this form even become a genre in its own right and quite frankly, give
    me some good downtempo stuff any time of the day if I am just listening and
    some good solid beats if I am dancing but, as a DJ who likes to think of
    himself as being somewhat eclectic, 2-step is a short-lived phenomenon. Who
    will produce or remix the Britney Spears 2-step track? Once a form makes the
    crossover to artists like Nsync then, musical snob that I admittedly am, it
    goes into my out box faster than you can say 2-step!

    Leslie, I'm surprised to hear an open-minded DJ such as yourself writing off 2-step so quickly. Don't forget that the drum'n'bass music which you obviously cherish had its origins in the hardcore rave scene, a scene that gave us MUCH forgettable music!

    At this point, I'm not sure whether I consider 2-step a genre or simply a rhythm. But I've heard enough to know that it can encompass many styles of music, from house to soul to jazz, dub, and beyond. Recently I've been VERY impressed by the work of Horsepower Productions, who seem to be all over the musical map with their 2-step experiments. I say give it time to develop, and before long, some truly awesome 2-step tracks will be hitting you right between the ears. :-)

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