RE: Will this break 2 step in the US?

From: stephanie (
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 02:40:05 CEST

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    Hmm, first of all, Ms. Leslie I think has described
    herself in the past as "a jewish guy growing up in
    South Africa"...might wanna do a gender check there...

    I agree with Leslie. About the only 2-step track I
    can bear to play is Jazzanova's rmx of "Get Into My
    Groove" by Incognito. Heard "Sincere", don't like it.
     2-step is like candy to me. it's cute and nice at
    first, kind of pleasant, but then I go into sugar
    shock, then right before diabetic coma sets in, I run
    screaming. *shrug* I guess I'm just not cut out for
    refined sugars. boy am i glad people have stopped
    with that garage/"garridge" thing though...a low point
    in rave linguistics for sure...

    > House is VERY formulaic. It won't be house
    > without that
    > 4-on-the-floor, right?

    Hmm, that sounds like the definition of STUFF I HATE.

    > It looks like Leslie needs to go to the Hospital.
    > Hospital Records, that is.
    > She needs a perscription of LANDSLIDE. Stat!

    Heard it, skipped it. Oh well, it's just not for me.
    personally, I hope it breaks and stays broken! the
    more broken music is, the better i like it!

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