Re: Will this break 2 step in the US?

From: Leslie N. Shill (
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 03:48:55 CEST

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    Elson, a couple of things,

    first of all just because my name is Leslie does not make me a woman
    although I am happy to be classed and bundled in with the women of the
    world. Your continued use of the word "she" shows a certain negativity in
    the way you used it. It really should not make one jot of difference but you
    seem to have gone out of your way to make it seem that way!

    second of all, I have played a number of your pieces of music on my show and
    spoken well of you as an independent music producer. You seem to have
    ignored that fact but seeing as it took you six months to actually deliver
    the music to me, I am not wholly surprised! Quite frankly, the music on your
    2-step disc is way below the level that the other one is at and it sounds as
    though you have used every cheesy, worn-out, cliched patch and sample that
    you seem to have been able to find and that was my main objection to it, not
    the fact that it was 2-step. It simply was not nearly as good as the other
    disc you sent me, one which I continued to play until today, you seem to
    have persuaded me that perhaps it is just too much trouble to continue with
    that one as well. The rules suggested by Herbert, if followed by you, would
    probably eliminate much of the sound on your vaunted 2-step disc!

    The third point I want to make is that you quote Mark as though what he said
    in his response to me was my wording. While I am happy to be associated with
    Mark, a music-lover who has a deep and broad knowledge of music, his words
    are his and mine are mine, even if you are mistaken about the fact that I am
    of the sex I am.

    So there it is pal, I am a man, spelled M-A-N, and your 2-step music
    essentially sucks! On top of that you have not exactly gone out of your way
    to show any appreciation whatsoever to the fact that not only have I played
    your music on my show, but I have also given it to other DJ's at our station
    and at others to play as well and I have also played oginomatter at a couple
    of live performances where there were more than a thousand people present at
    each of them! I have been on the air for 20 years now and people know that I
    have always done whatever I can to further the cause of independent music
    producers and many people listen to my broadcasts for the fact that they
    know they will hear a broad spectrum of state of the art music.

    It is true that much music is formulaic but, in my humble opinion, the
    really good music rises above the formula it is based on. Bach and Beethoven
    used formulas but it is the beauty of how they used them and what they did
    above the form that made them historically what they are. Acid jazz, to my
    mind, is not really locked into "formulaic" notions, its one of the reasons
    I like so much of what I hear in the genre and why I only occasionally find
    House music that really cuts it for me. Art becomes art by the artist rising
    above the formula.

    Let's talk again in a year and we can see what, if anything, remains of this
    2-step thing for serious music people like those on this board. Quite
    frankly, I am sure that I will still be listening to the funky, soul-driven
    heart-filled music that I love. I just do not hear very much in 2-step that
    has the funk, something I find important in the music that I love.

    I have not written off 2-step, I just have NOT heard very much that truly
    excites me although I remain open to good surprises, I will look for the
    Hospital releases and try to listen with an open mind and by the way, it is
    "prescription" not perscription!

    leslie/The Power of Sound
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    > At 03:38 PM 5/9/01 -0700, Mark Turner wrote:
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    > >Leslie, I'm surprised to hear an open-minded DJ such as yourself writing
    > >2-step so quickly. Don't forget that the drum'n'bass music which you
    > >obviously cherish had its origins in the hardcore rave scene, a scene
    > >gave us MUCH forgettable music!
    > She describes 2-Step as "formulaic." Uh... I do believe all forms of
    > electronica, and heck, most genres of music in general are "formulaic."
    > Drum n Bass is formulaic. You can't have a Drum N Bass tune at 103bpm, can
    > you? House is VERY formulaic. It won't be house without that
    > 4-on-the-floor, right?
    > It looks like Leslie needs to go to the Hospital.
    > Hospital Records, that is.
    > She needs a perscription of LANDSLIDE. Stat!
    > >At this point, I'm not sure whether I consider 2-step a genre or simply a
    > >rhythm. But I've heard enough to know that it can encompass many styles
    > >music, from house to soul to jazz, dub, and beyond.
    > Well, at least now I know why she won't play my 2-step tracks on her
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