RE: Will this break 2 step in the US?

From: Philip Sherburne (
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 07:15:43 CEST

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    >>And don't forget Julie Dexter's "The Plan" on Main Squeeze -

    >Anything on Main Squeeze. Um, is it "broken beat" or "2 step", though?
    >Never was quite clear if they're the same thing or not.

    Strictly speaking, different beasts (though there is crossover). But this
    release features mixes that specifically incorporate 2-step rhythms.

    I would venture to say - broken beat is more like acid jazz in that it
    describes an effect, a vibe, an array of potential elements, while 2-step is
    more like drum'n'bass in that there are certain formal, formulaic elements
    that define it.

    Anyone on this list that's been to the Co-op in London - ever heard any
    "proper" 2-step there? Just curious.


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