gosta? and other queries....

From: Joni . (bigorangecat@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 18:41:14 CEST

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    Hey AJers,

    In keeping with the recent definition query, I'm wondering if anyone knows
    what gosta, as in Suba's Voce Gosta, means? I know from italian that voce
    is voice but I can't figure out gosta. anyone?

    also, you all are sooo full of priceless knowledge on this and other music.
    I'm guessing that's because most of you are DJ's and it's your job to trk
    this stuff down. I am not, so y'all are my secret music dissemination
    weapon =]! I wonder, just for trivia sake, how many of us are organic
    instrumental performers, like myself, and how many of you spin and/or make
    your own trks, or are there others who don't perform but just *really* dig
    the tunes?


    ps annoyance of the day: when your 90 pound doberman keeps jumping on your
    lap while you're trying to work on the computer because he thinks he's a
    little orange cat like his sister....sheesh!
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