New Spearhead (Was RE: 2 step)

From: Marco P (
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 22:07:56 CEST


    I was wondering when someone was going to mention this one.
     I've been giving it a lot spins at work recently, and I
    must say i'm very impressed. I loved "Home" but wasn't
    really feeling "Chocolate Superhighway", however I'd
    venture out on a limb to say that this is Spearhead's best
    album yet. Home was a bit more hip hop, but Spearhead
    seems to have evolved into more of a soul/funk groove over
    the last two albums. Recently there's been some complaints
    on this list that many soul albums of late don't have that
    much staying power, and although I only somewhat agree, I
    think this one will stick around for a while. My only
    complaint, and it's a big one, is that i'm gonna have to
    take my CD and copy it while erasing all of the skits which
    show up just about after every track 'cuz they're driving
    me nuts. I don't know what it is with hip hop and their
    skits (I could kill Prince Paul for starting it all with De
    La's 3ft high), but I'd wish they'd just let the music
    speak for itself. It's funny; I was just reading an
    interview or sumthin' with King Britt and he was mentioning
    how he decided to barely have any interludes on
    "Re-Members.." as compared with "When the Funk.." because
    he felt they took away from the music. I wish others could
    see the light.

    --- "Kennedy, Liam" <> wrote:
    > P.S. Anyone check out Spearhead: Stay Human yet? Its
    > hardly left my
    > player. Groovy, soul-conscience Hip-hop, not for those of
    > a death penalty
    > disposition. Even with a sting in the tale, its sounds
    > for the summer.

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