RE: Will this break 2 step in the US?

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Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 19:59:49 CEST

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      In reference to 2 step and Britney Spears, I for one would
    >her dwelving into the realm of Downtempo Acid Jazz. I would find her
    >and moaning inflections to be quite appetizing, "Ow!!!".

    eek! please nooooo. no more cute blondes! Maybe I'm a closed minded music
    snob, but I don't have any use for Britney/sync/69degrees/boys. Let them
    dance their way up the 40 charts. They're all so cute and lovable...ick I
    think I'm getting cavities. I'd take La India over Britney or Cristina
    anyday of the week.

    >Until then
    >you can find me listening to Cinematic Orchestra's Motion CD, Does it get
    >any better than this?

    answer: no, probably not. However there is much musica in other genra on
    par w/ Cinematic Orch out there. The likes of Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Afro
    Cuban All Stars, Buena Vista Social Club, Ruben Gonzales, Orlando Valle
    Maraca, Chucho Valdes... uh how obvious is it that I'm diggin salsa lately
    =]. Singing Bembe Colora w/ Celia Cruz, Tito & India all the way
    home......Celia says,"Bembe Colora, y si tu no puedes cantar? con la mano!
    Bembe Colora!!

    anyone see or hear about the new documentary comming out in Angelika
    theater, NYC called Calle 54? I think it's about the life and times of many
    of our favorite afro/cuban musicians.... any info would be appreciated...

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