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Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 17:22:10 CEST

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    > Also keep an eye out for a recent release by Freestyle Man (not sure who
    > this is...) featuring Wanda Felicia called "Que Domingo". Nu-Spirit Helsinki
    > has a Montana Roja Jazz Mix on the flip that has a sweet catchy melody and
    > makes dancefloors happy. The label is Sanko.

            Freestyle Man is Finnish-born DJ Sasse who nowadays resides in Germany
    (in Frankfurt, I think). The name of the label you're referring to is
    Sahko (or actually Sähkö, ie. two dots over both the a and the o, in
    case these chars don't work correctly with your email program..).
    "Sähkö" means "electricity", whereas "sanko" would be "a bucket". =)
            If we are really precise, I think the Freestyle Man stuff is released
    on Puu ("a tree" or "wood"), which is a sublabel of Sähkö. Sähkö mostly
    releases obscure-ish experimental stuff like Pan Sonic etc., Puu is more
    on the housey side.
            BTW, Sähkö just recently launched a new sublabel, called Jazzpuu, that
    reissues classic Finnish jazz releases. The first two 12"s out are
    "Puutarhassa" by Pekka Streng (this one is a killer, strongly
    recommended) and "Grandma's Rocking Chair" by Olli Ahvenlahti (that was
    also reissued by Acid Jazz in early 90s I think and was sampled by Kenny
    Dope in "The Illout"), both highly recommended.
            Pretty complete discographies of both Nu Spirit Helsinki and Freestyle
    Man are available here:

            Nu Spirit Helsinki:
            Freestyle Man a.k.a. DJ Sasse:

    "Betwixt decks there can hardlie a man catch his breath by 
    reason there ariseth such a funke in the night..."
                                              - W. Capps, 1623

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