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Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 17:52:31 CEST

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    Keyser & Shuriken - newsletter #56: Dealers, pimps & new discoveries

    Newsflash 11.05.2001

    Dear friends,

    we are finally back at work after spending our last two weekends with splendid guys
    all over the region, spreading the vibe behind the 1 and 2s, chilling with
    cappuccinos, enjoying the first rays of summer sun, so excuse us for the rather long
    news section, we had the time of our lives, and wanna let you know.

    Trieste was absolutely the right place to begin our mini tour with, even though we
    had some nasty ideas before getting there. I mean, what if Gianluca, who contacted us
    via e-mail, makes his living from inviting djs to this beautiful town, chopping them
    to moderate pieces by an axe and putting them in the freezer, and then selling their
    records? :))) Even this scenario couldn't scare us away from saying OK to his kind

    We have packed Zsofi (Keyser's girlfriend, the ultimate girl when it comes to taking
    care of stupid vinyljunkies, big up for driving all the way there and back) and
    Fruzsi (Zsofi's younger sis, maker of the best tiramisu in Budapest, oooh she is
    hot!), plus 100 kgs of vinyl in a car and got rolling, ready for the
    sauna-on-four-wheels-on-the-hiway experience. Gianluca & co have turned out to be the
    greatest guys around, the gig was held in an amazing palace of cakes and coffee, with
    cheerful people. Now we understood why these guys called the club-night - it has been
    going on for a half year now - ElectroSacher. We were in some way pioneers - the
    first foreign djs to play there -, and the result of our fact finding mission is an
    advice to all djs and clubbers in the scene: If you live, play, go for a holiday near
    Trieste, grab your chance and contact Gianluca Guerra ( for a taste
    of ElectroSacher.

    We have mentioned the Zagreb based producer/dj/promoter duo Eddy & Dus several times
    in our earlier newsletters, but now they did a great job again, and we are extremely
    proud to polish their shining star once more with a few nice words. Even we wouldn't
    think when we met them for the first time at last year's Kontrapunkt Future Jazz
    Festival (mucho thanks go to Maja & Sanjin, our local friends for letting us know
    about that this tribal gathering of the nu jazz elite), that we would have a chance
    to play here so soon. The tough guys of the Central-Eastern European region seem to
    organise the scene rather fast, so we already played there by the end of last year.
    We were now invited again to spin records, build connections and eat crazy cakes for
    breakfast in Sheraton Zagreb with the likes of Tom Wieland, Karl Injex, Gotan
    Project, Lil Tony, Paolo Scotti, Seiji, Domu and Da Lata. (Check out and you still won't believe it.). Zagreb is definitely
    one of the best audiences of the world, we wonder how long it would take till the djs
    will start paying big bucks for Eddy & Dus for letting them play there.

    After we got back to Budapest, we visited the dex of the 2001: Funk Odyssey clubnight
    at Club Rigoletto ( This night, run by splendid local
    funkstas and friends Mr.Tristam Shandy and Pedro Tranquillo, is always a perfect
    excuse for getting high on strawberry flavoured cocktails and Champage. And this is
    just what we did (with a bunch of test pressings and forthcoming goodies we got from
    our friends in Zagreb). Listen:

    (Thanks for Varga Feri for doing great work for the Tilos radio web-site archiving
    and uploading all these stuff. This is an exclusive mix for you, our newsletter
    friends, since these links will only appear on the Tilos site by next week

    Our last weekend we spent in Veszprem, the name of the club-night is Syrup, run by
    splendid local guys who have also opened up an already closed thrift store for us to
    feed our vinyl addiction. (The guys are responsible for the Easy Life Natural
    productions. They've got a double bass fuelled jazz monster coming soon. We have
    heard the tune, and it's a maaaad one. Believe us.)

    Speaking of new music: we are lucky enough to feature finally two brand new tunes in
    our radio-mix by Dub City Fanatikz (a new side-project of the well-known Hungarian
    band Anima Sound System). Check the scary combination of jazz, dub, psychadelica,
    head banging hip hop beats and true Lugosi style sonic vampirism while you have a
    chance (till next Tuesday that is). It is absolutely pre-release stuff, the album
    will be finished later this year, and we won't forget to let you know when and where
    it be released.

    This week's reading goes out those who are ready to do vinyl-business the hard
    British way, Guy Ritchie style:

    "[...] I sussed that if you really want to get noticed, you've got to find tunes of
    your own, you've got to find new discoveries, ken. And I started talking to folk, and
    finding out 'Oh, we go to Detroit, and there's this guy called the Coachman, who used
    to be a gangster in the sixties, a fucking drug dealer and pimp and all that, and he
    knows all the fuckin' folk who've got all the records'. So I thought 'I'll go to
    Detroit and meet this Coachman, ken, so I got all the numbers and I went out there,
    and I found records, and I did Chicago, all the fuckin' places, ken, and then I was
    playing stuff from there."

    Legendary deep funk pioneer Keb Darge in an interview:

    Meet the Coachman till next week!

    Keyser & Shuriken


    Tilos Radio (
    Kristalykert (Crystal Garden - 09.05.2001) - DJs: Shuriken & Gonnok


    Hi-fi: <>

    Excuse us for the less than precise playlist, but notes of Gonnok (who finally runs
    his own record store called Afrofilia in town) keep many things secret...

    1. Neil Young - Dead Man Soundtrack (Vapor)
    2. Blue Rum 13 - On Course (Jazz Fudge)
    3. Psyco On Da Bus - ? (Comet)
    4. Dub City Fanatikz - ? (CD-R)
    5. Turntables on the Hudson vol 2. (Rhythm Love)
    6. Fug - Overflow (Nuphonic)
    7. Axel Krygier - El Regreso Del Leon Bizco (Watch TV remix) (HiTop)
    8. Gotan Project - Santa Maria (De Buen Ayre) (Ya Basta!)
    9. Astor Piazzola - Pulsacion n.4. (Eleven Music)
    10. Art Konik - Ming Park (Meitz remix) (Comet)
    11. Doctor L/Cesar Anot - Pictures Talk (Versatile)
    12. Don Cherry - Rapping Recipe (Barclay)
    13. Psycho on da Bus - ? (Comet)
    14. Uko - Radar (Klein)
    15. Zeb - Sufi (Rhythm Love)
    16. Mum - Miss Defied (dZihan & Kamien's sad Travolta Dub) (Klein)
    17. Axel Krygier - Cabeza De Barro (HiTop)
    18. Les Gammas - Outra Viva (CD-R)
    19. Waxolutionists - ? (Sound Conspiracy)

    DJ Shuriken keeps on fightin

    20. Quantic - Life In the Rain (Tru Toughts)
    21. Psycho On da Bus - Take A Rest (Chateau Flight remix) (Comet)
    22. Reunion - Eona (Seiji's Opaque Mix) (Dialog)
    23. Osunlade - Tree of Life (Versatile)
    24. Archie Shepp - Sea of Faces (Paolo Scotti re-remix) (CD-R)
    25. Quantic - The 5th Exotic (Tru Toughts)
    26. Rit On - Franbusia (Grand Central)
    27. Szabraxtondos - Halott tancoltatas (Krem)
    28. Funky Fresh Few feat. Afu Ra - Drop A Jewel (Grand Central)
    29. Kela - Step Then (Jazz Fudge) - Shuriken's favourite right now!
    30. Flytronix - Heay Traffic (Solaria)
    31. Kela - Heavy Artillery Acapella (Jazz Fudge)
    32. Sequel feat Shortie White - Why? (Straight Ahead)
    33. Jaffa - Elevator (Fred Everything mix) (Stereo Deluxe)
    34. Tim Love Lee - Zilla (Tummy Touch)
    35. Neil Young - Dead Man Soundtrack (Vapor)
    36. Dub City Fanatikz - ? (CD-R)
    37. Neil Young - Dead Man Soundtrack (Vapor)
    38. Beck - Forcefield (K)
    39. Neil Young - Dead Man Soundtrack (Vapor)

    K&S events in the near future:

    02.06. Budapest: Astro Jazz Open Air /w dZihan & Kamien, Cadik, Szamosi Bros.,
    Badihali & Sanyi /organised by Suhaid
    15-16.06 Budapest: Fields of Joy Festival

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