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Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 20:49:53 CEST

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    John Book wrote:

    > Went over to and saw a listing in the upcoming releases section for something called SELECTIONS. Anyone know anything about this? New tracks, more remixes/covers? There's also something else that's just UNTITLED that seems to be just that, and my guess is that they're one and the same.

    Hey John. Well, I'm welcoming the summer season, and ending the week with your 'Week' and Michiru's '4Seasons' - that'll be one CD never to return to the wall cabinet for some time, sittin pretty next to my Kenwood.

    Bout your questions, I got the info on the princess of acid jazz. I was gonna reply ealier since I read about it on a Japanese site, but a I figured more info would pop up in no time. So here it is, save your money, put off all other expenditures - even if that means sacrificing basic necessities - , forget about all album releases till after June 27, cause here comes 2 new albums from songstress Michiru slated for
    June 27 release date.

    Artist: Monday Michiru
    Title: Selections (Title subject to change)
    Price: 3,059yen(US$25.23)
    Release Date:
    Catalog Number: UPCH-1084
    Coments: The best of Monday Michiru album compiles her best songs released
    on Polydor label.

    Artist: Monday Michiru
    Title: Remix & Cover Best (Title subject to change)
    Price: 2,940yen(US$24.25)
    Release Date:
    Catalog Number: UPCH-1085
    Coments: This 'Remixes & Covers' compilation comes out simultaneously with
    her best-of album. Aside from remixes and covers, it also includes live
    recorded tracks and her songs with Mondo Grosso which were remixed by Chari
    Chari. Expected to include 3 previously unpublished remixes and a
    previously unpublished live-recorded track.


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