Music UPCOMING | 2 New Monday Michiru Albums

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Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 21:53:24 CEST

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    Music UPCOMING | 2 New Monday Michiru Albums

    One of THE most important release of the year is always the release of
    the next Monday Michiru album. After a tremendously worked loaded 2000,
    along with marriage and child, 4 conceptual EPs followed by the bookend
    2CD '4 SEASONS,' songstress Monday Michiru is already back with 2 new
    albums. Although not wholey new studio albums, as anyone who's
    purchased a Michiru remix album knows, they're not simply reworkings;
    they're a different experience and a presentation individual of its
    origins. The BIG surprises is the Cover album and the inclusion of
    plenty of never before released live performances.

    Expect 2 quality albums that won't disappoint - along with Miles Davis,
    Oasis, U2, DJ Krush, Tori Amos, Radiohead, Paul van Dyk, Mondo Grosso,
    Osawa Shinichi, Gonzalez Suzuki, Derek & the Dominos (yeah, only 1 LP)
    and Sakamoto Ryuichi among others, Monday Michiru has not had a major
    flop, none to be accurate, in her extended, near-veteran career in which
    every year since '92 has been welcomed by new Michiru releases.
    Prolific musicality with quality and consistency is a triplet rarely
    found. With the upcoming milestone marking her 1st decade in this Art
    and industry in 2002, it looks like she'll conclude her first decade (of
    hopefully many more to come) as one of the most prominent figures in her
    scene with a fitting 'Selections' (Best of) album and a 'Cover' album,
    true to the basic tradition of classic jazz, where each composition is
    personalized becoming her own.

    So here it is, save your money, hold off the month's layaway bill on
    your (919) area code house, put off all other expenditures - that means
    sacrificing basic
    necessities - , forget about your parking tickets, cause
    here comes 2 new albums from songstress Michiru slated for
    June 27 release date.

    Sound Lounge : Tokyo|Konnect

    Artist: Monday Michiru
    Title: Selections (Title subject to change)
    Price: 3,059yen(US$25.23)
    Release Date:
    Catalog Number: UPCH-1084
    Coments: The best of Monday Michiru album compiles her best songs
    on Polydor label.

    Artist: Monday Michiru
    Title: Remix & Cover Best (Title subject to change)
    Price: 2,940yen(US$24.25)
    Release Date:
    Catalog Number: UPCH-1085
    Coments: This 'Remixes & Covers' compilation comes out simultaneously
    her best-of album. Aside from remixes and covers, it also includes live

    recorded tracks and her songs with Mondo Grosso which were remixed by
    Chari. Expected to include 3 previously unpublished remixes and a
    previously unpublished live-recorded track.

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