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Date: Fri May 11 2001 - 23:02:04 CEST

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    Joni ands Tempo of the Down,

    Hey List,

    was flipping through the stations and heard this blues song and I'm sure
    it's the sample for St Germain. Ugh, I'm at work and not sure of the trk.
    Sure Thing maybe?

    That would be Track 6 "Sure Thing" one of the best things to bless my ears
    ever. Damn!!! John Lee Hooker sounds great!!! Wish it could all be like

    It's the trk w/ the guitar work and the guy says
    something like "moanin, moanin, you, you, you"

    That would be John Lee Hooker himself!!! You oughta check out an OST to the
    Movie "Hot Spot" which features John Lee Hooker and Miles, AWESOME!!!
    Soundtrack and the film itself was good to go too. It is one of those
    movies you can watch several times and still get something new out of it.
    Hellacious Soundtrack!!!

    I'm pretty poitive it's a
    John Lee Hooker trk, anybody know which one?

    "Sure Thing" track 6 from the St. Germain -Tourist-CD.

      Don't you love finding
    originals to samples!!

    There is some neat things on John Lee Hooker's -Dealer-CD. He does this
    track called "Dreamin'" which is so amazing!!! God, you feel the pain and
    the loss, when John Lee is on, he is Bull's-eye and he nails it with "Sure
    Thing" and "Dreamin'".


    Happy Trails!!!

    Semper Motociclismo,

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