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Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 10:26:40 CEST

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    Cuki Chart and News.
    13.05.01 Week 19
    88 min?

    Wow! Ain't that Maria one cute Finnish gal! Thanks
    for coming down to Point 101 last Thursday Maria.
    We be checking you out in a few weeks in Helsinki.
    88 min?

    In fact, It was kinda like the Scandinavian version
    of Miami at 'Granny' last Thursday. Eivind and
    Snore from the Moussejuus/Butti 49 Posse's (Norway),
    Great stuff from the guys at the Jazz Cafe on Friday
    alongside Espen's Bobby Hughes Experience. Holding
    tight for the new BHE album. Check two new twelve's
    soon come on new imprint's from Eivind and Snore too.
    Tokijo and Hi Fi Terdpi. Respect to the boys. Hope you
    had a productive weekend.
    88 min?

    My good friend Sampsa Vilhunen from the 'Leftside
    Ensemble' of Helsinki playing at 'Granny' last
    Thursday. Do check Sampsa's playlist below.
    We also had Allan from Denmark in attendance.
    Sweden was represented by a Lil Lildfors album.
    88 min?

    Goss brothers also propping up the bar at 'Granny' last
    Thursday! Do get ready for 'Out Patients' Vol 2, soon
    come on Chris's Hospital imprint. Quote of the night coming
    from Nippon Nik saying he likes the Jazztronik track the
    best! Now wasn't that a surprise boys!
    Also, get ready for a great new night at 'The Pool'
    Curtain Road EC1. Fortnightly on a Wednesday comes
    'Version'. A night dedicated to all things recycled and
    re produced.  Expect to hear at least one interpretation
    of 'Light my Fire'. Think we could fill a whole night with Light
    my Fire's! Simon Goss (Wah Wah) the resident DJ for this
    very original night. Next one up on the 23rd of May.
    88 min?

    Speedy! Well we gotta give another 'Wah Wah' boy a
    mention since his footie team played a rather big game
    at the weekend! 88 min? Okay no more 88 minutes?
    But I'll be looking for you though Mr Dom Servini?

    Shouts to Christiaan in Holland. Cuki really enjoying
    the Aardvarck stuff of late. Look out for quality twelve's
    via 'Delsin' and 'Rush Hour' records. Nubian Mindz
    and Domu coming with formidable remix pressure for
    the Aardvarck too.

    Talking of Domu. 'Ta' to Frank at Irma for the Killa album
    with Domu and Recloose tracks! Check out a new comp
    called 'Le Nouveau de Jazz'. Also hold tight for the remix
    joint for Dom Um Romao featuring all ya west London favs
    and a few others. Even O'B coming with a strong remix of

    Much love to Rina in Japan. Thanks for the amazing parcel
    Rina. We be hoping you visit our shores very soon so we
    can repay you your kindness.

    I got say a big thanks in general to all the mailers, promotional
    companies and record labels of late who have been sending
    me some amazing music. I could chart fifty tunes here with ease.
    I'm getting stick for charting thirty! Sorry guys, you just gotta
    know about this stuff. Respect to the rest of Europe for getting
    it sonically right too! We get enough music these days from
    France, Germany and Austria but now we're charting music from
    places like Sweden, Finland, Norway, Holland and the likes.
    It's all quality too. Respect.

     Do have to say 'Ta' to the INFRACom crew in Frankfurt. Some
    nice bitz coming through this label soon including a flip side to
    die for from Kosma and a epic from Michael Rutten and the
    Soul Patrol. New stuff too from Taxi, great remix dropped by
    Jet Set Production for the new twelve. Ta for the tip off Chris!
    Megashira coming with the goods too.

    Thanks again to Koh and Aki at the 'Cafe Zun Zun' night
    at the Vibe Bar, Brick lane last Saturday. Always a fun
    place to play and be at each and every Saturday.

    Well, I'm away again on my travels, this time you'll be missing
    two Cuki newsletters. We be checking the fine city of Vienna
    for eleven days and nights. Look out the Stamp Licker!
    You can mail me at if you
    really feel the need to talk.

    #### #### This weeks chart  #### ####
    * (New Entry)

    1* New Sector Movements - The Sun (Dwele mixes)(Virgin) 12"
    It's official! It's all over Jazzanova! Originator of the broken
    beat gets the motor city magic man treatment! Dwele comes
    with the new sound of soul via Detroit and it is deep! Every
    now and then, one guy comes along with life changing
    sonics! I kid you not, this twelve has two such guys!

    2. Herbert - Bodily Functions (K7) 3xLP
    Matty boy lets rip with the next instalment of quirky style
    lefties. Dani also adding the incredibly sexy lyric touch!
    Anybody wanna argue that she ain't got the best 'come to
    bed'  voice on the planet! Well, It's another great album,
    a great sound and we be looking forwards to playing this
    stuff out! Is the rest of the planet feeling the Herbert thing?

    3. At Jazz - Lab Funk (Mantis) 2xLP
    No need to introduce this lot either! Through out the
    universe, known for their polished production and remix
    skills. This an excellent album from an excellent outfit
    including the classic 'Touch the Sun' and 'Harmony'.

     4* Bugge Wesseltoft - Moving (Jazzland) 2xLP
    Another new concept of Jazz from Bugge and his keyboards
    from Norway! This time getting deeper into the spirit.
    Couldn't help but think of the Herbert album while listening
    to this. Quality cosmic keyboards with a worth while groove.

    5* Kosma - Odessa (Flows mix)(INFRACom) 12"
    We going for the flip side with a 60' psycho folksy, jazzy
    beat, chilled out strings jobbie! Dedicated to Kosma's
    flatmate and defiantly in a Zero 7 style! Ouch!

    6* Kahuun - Batteri (HiFi Terdpi) 12"
    Vikings moving in! Eivind Olsvik and the Moussejuus
    massive coming with a new label! And what a way to start.
    We be thinking Norway's answer to Moodymann with plenty
    of bottom end and superb keyboards touching the tops.
    Another Norwegian invasion of our shores! This time you
    can have our women!

    7. V/A - Folky (Spectrum Works) 1xLP
    Acoustic music in digital times! Awesome collection
    of  new bizniz from suspects such as Scuba, Zero 7,
    Les Gammas, Victor Davis. We also digging such
    artists as Otto Lamani and Lief too. Pull up a comfy
    chair and leave your dancing shoes in the corner!

    8. V/A - Out Patients Vol 2 (Hospital) CD-R
    Hospital records come with mo goodies in the new instalment
    of Out Patients. All new and exclusive and featuring the cream
    of today's top production teams. Jazztronik, Swell Session, Les
    Gammas, Landslide etc. Even the 'Future Homosapiens'
    (remember them) make a long over due visit to our ears!
    11 tracks and all pushing the right buttons!

    9. Aardvarck - Spoken (Nubian Mindz mixes)(Rush Hour) 12"
    Been shouting about this crew from Holland for some
    time now and 'Oh my god' Colin Lindo aka 'Nubian
    Mindz' from the Archive, Reinforced camps comes with
    two blinding remixes. One Detroit house creamer and one
    absolute no buts 'broken beater' belter. Look out for the
    finished copy which will come with Domu bizniz!

    10. Stereotyp meets Tikiman - Jahman (G-Stone) 12"
    This kid bordering on genius! Those of you who got off on
    the remix for Juryman's 'Ethiopian' track need to get ready
    for this. A dark Viennese dubster for sure! I remember
    hearing a track called 'Hempster' and knowing this fella
    gonna be big!

    11* V/A - Le Nouveau du Jazz (Irma) 2xLP
    We checking this for two tasty exclusives from two tasty
    producers! Dem being the 'Recloose' and the 'Domu'
    As always, Matt and Dominic taking it to the edge of the
    envelope. Pushing even more boundaries and taking
    21st music by the scruff of its neck! Album also
    containing remix pressure past from Ian O'Brien and the
    Volcov for Soul Drummers and Space Clique.

    12. Block 16 - Find an Oasis (Nuphonic) CD-R
    Suckaz for the strings, hold on to your arm chairs!
    This gonna Bunson burn ya! Jhelisa returns with
    the voice over but the orchestration and the bossa
    groove killing us ever so slowly. Fug quiet things
    down with a solid remix too.

    13. V/A - Compost 100 (Compost) 4xLP
    4 plates of bonkeroney Bavarian beats! I'm in heaven!
    To celebrate the 100th release of this outstanding label
    Compost come through with a compilation of all our fav
    acts past and present. Some quality music on this album
    and I personally can't wait for the next one hundred
    releases from Haager Street. Hats off and respect to all
    the  crews.

    14. Su-Paka-Pooh - Aya (Flower) 12"
    Taken from forthcoming Pooh album on the formidable
    Flower imprint. This promo one sided continuing all the
    usual Japanese ingredients for proper ear to feet
    coordination. As always, what they lack in soul they
    sure do make up with production and arrangements.

    15. Kyoto Jazz Massive - Eclipse (Afronaught remixes)(Compost) CD-R
    Forthcoming new biz from Munich via the land of the
    rising sun. A little detour on the way to North Acton
    were O-Dawg or Orange Waters as he is now known, hot
    of the heels of 'Transcend Me' gets to grips with a
    Okino Bros classic. We digging the new tacks too.

    16. Nicole Conte - Forma 2000 (Les Gammas  remix)(?) CD-R
    Dem boys on a roll! Les Gammas come with the lick
    on this tasty jazz come soundtrack monster. Right now,
    Les Gammas the most prolific and productive of the
    European crews and top tip from da Cuki, do not pass
    any mix or any release from them.

    17. Robert Nacken - Majomin (Spectrum Works) 12"
    Mo peeps need to get on this! This is where music begins
    and ends for me! Songs, melodies, spirituality and so
    much more. Epic acoustic music  from the label that isn't
    afraid to differ. This the guy too that wrote Karma's 'High

    18. K - Water Flame/Echo (Calm/Chari Chari mixes)(Rhythm Republic) 12"
    No doubt Nippon Nik getting damp with the Calm mix!
    But Chari Chari hit the ambient note the best. Calm
    mix on the percussive wave and that be why Nippon
    Nik in need of pampers!

    19. Intuit - A New Beginning (Compost) CD-R
    Oh how we like those space trips! Nuff Compost Bitz
    about to hit the streets and all bases covered too.
    This a beautiful cosmic  journey with a Julie Dexter
    sound alike melting my earlobes. If you enjoyed the
    Eska and Uschi Classen track for Earth Project then
    you be travelling with this one too. Hold tight!

    20. Le Mans - Mi Nouela Autobiografica (Kabuki remix)(Spectrum Works) 12"
    Well, after the comfy chair bizniz, time now to get
    your dancing socks back on. It may be taken from
    the excellent 'Folky' acoustic compilation on Spectrum
    Works but  Kabuki show no respect in lighting the fuse
    with this cross breed fusion killa. A bomb!

    21. Marcos Valle - Escape (Far  Out) 2xLP
    Time travels but Mr Valle delivers what we know of  him
    already. Pure quality Brazilian viberphonics! It's been a
    long time but I'm sure I can hear crickets singing. Authentic
    Brazilian music in the 001. Spine tingling as NN would say!

    22. The Underwolves - Under your Sky (Compost/JCR) 2xLP
    This time Compost won't let the boys down like the other lot
    did! What did happen to Island Blue? It may be over two years
    old but the fact that its release is immanent is a testimony to  the
    fact that good things happen to those who wait. We have to
    thank Compost too for getting on the case of this long lost
    beauty. A truly exceptional album that to many needs no
    introduction. Timeless.

    23. Modaji - S/T (Laws of  Motion) 2xLP
    21st century soul boy Dominic Jacobson finally delivers
    his first long player! He's come along way since the days
    of 'Starburst over Orion'. He's also matured into one of the
    finest producers and songwriters around. Respect DHJ.
    Lookout out for the awesome Everton Nelson vs Jazztronik
    strings edition of 'One and the Same' as the next single.

    24. Shur-i-ken - Advance (Freerange) 2xLP & 2x12"
    Wow! What a debut album for Mr Odell's Freerange label.
    Look out to for Landslide and Swell Session remixes
    forthcoming too. Shur-i-ken aka Tim Szirtes coming
    through  with mo twists and turns than a super market
    trolley with a wonky wheel. You even need to check the
    CD for an amazing track called 'Awakening's'.

    25. Aardvarck - Ludiek EP (Delsin) 12"
    Broken Beats outta Holland? Believe! Yes
    we take windmills, tulips and broken beats
    wherever they are from, and this five track EP
    certainly pulling nuff punches! Sounding like
    a 2000 Black release. High praise indeed.

    26. Nitan Sawhney - Sunset (London Elektricity mix)(V2) CD-R
    Lecky roll out another top quality remix. We be feelin' the
    DnB thing at ther mo and this the cream of the crop.
    A proper roller!

    27. Pysco on da Bus - 'Remixes' (Comet) 12"
    How much we still enjoy this album, this concept. Well
    Doctor L and Chateau Flight join the bus ride with
    two excellent remixes. Comets amazing and diverse
    roster of artists and styles giving me much joy.

    28. Fujiwara & Osawa - Lost Child (Instr)(Sony Japan)12"
    Modern day arrangements tend to be overlooked
    in need of finding more welly for the dance floor! Well
    this  here arrangement, production and song presses
    the right buttons every time As per usual we bypass
    the vocal and get straight to the instrumental from the
    guys who work the 'Mondo Grosso' & 'Bird' sound.

    29. Enola 5 - Moonlighting (Cooker) CD-R
    Oh my god! Who is this crew! Three tracks
    wearing out the soles of my shoes! 'Moonlighting'
    drops the biggest bomb though. Turn right at the
    lights and head up Kruder and Truby street.

    30. Swell Session - I see through you/Gone (Hollow) CD-R
    We think the follow up to the amazing and still
    played out first twelve from Sweden's Hollow
    recordings. Top teenager Ms Yukimi Nagano
    adding those composed vocals once again.
    A worthy follow up.

    #### #### Coffee Compliment #### ####

    Kenny Burrell 'God Bless the Child'
    CTI (CTL9) 1971
    Sounding kinda good again on the 'Cosmic Jam' last week.
    Ta to Forgemaster for the reminder. Another classic guitarist
    who should of been bigger. Unmistakable Don Sebesky
    arrangement and Creed Taylor production with the usual
    CTI suspects Ron Carter, Freddie Hubbard, Billy Cobham,
    Hubert Laws, Ray Barretto, Airto Moreira. This album
    having one of the warmest and deepest of string arrangements
    This being just a bunch of cello's. Cracker track in 'Be Yourself'.
    Bring on mo Coffee!

    #### #### At Granny #### ####

    This week Cuki leaving his tunes at home and getting a education
    from my good friend Sampsa Vilhunen of the 'Leftside Ensemble'
    of Helsinki.

    1. Camelle Hinds "Sausalito Calling - Club mix" (Black On Black 1995, 12")
    2. Cunnie Williams "Comin' from the Heart of the Ghetto - LP mix" (Yo Mama
    1993, 12")
    3. Mark de Clive-Lowe "El Dia Perfecto - Restless Soul Peak Time mix"
    (Universal Jazz 2001, 12")
    4. UZO "2000 Elephants - Ehugbo (Afikpo) Funk mix" (6:am 2001, 12")
    5. Shock Electrique feat Pascal's Bongo Massive "Ensaneia" (Invincis 1999,
    6. Ann Nesby "Can I Get A Witness" (white 12")
    7. Olli Ahvenlahti "Grandma's Rocking Chair - Kenny Dope Remix
        Didier & Anonymous Percussive Explosion Edit" (JazzPuu, Finland 2001,
    8. Jeymes Samuel "When It Rains - Restless Soul Peaktime Vocal" (Giant Step
    2000, 12")
    9. Freestyle Man feat. Wanda Felicia "Que Domingo - Jori Hulkkonen Remix"
    (Sahko, Finland 2001, 12")
    10. Nancy Wilson "Uptight (Everything's Alright)" (Pickwick, 196?, LP)
    11. Frank Beverly & the Intruders "Love (Your Pain Goes Deep)" (Gamble
    196?, LP)
    12. Julie Driscol & Brian Auger "Break It Up" (Polydor 1967, LP)
    13. The Soul Searchers "We The People" (Sussex 1972, LP)
    14. The Nite-Liters "Traveling/Listen Here" (RCA 1971, LP)
    15. The Sahib Shihab Quintet "Seeds" (Youngblood 1970, LP)
    16. The Kenny Clarke, Francy Boland Big Band "Uno Graso Areia" (MPS 1968,
    17. Willie Bobo "Psycedelic Blues" (Verve 1968, LP)
    18. Marcos Valle "Crickets Sing For Anamaria" (Verve 1968, LP)
    19. Danny "Painajainen (Mas, que nada)" (Scandia, Finland 197?, 7")
    20. The Big Bossa "Roller Bootie" (Victor 2001, 12")
    21. Syrup "D/A/D" (Compost 2001, V/A LP)
    22. Raw Silk "Do It To The Music - dub mix" (West End 1982, 7")
    23. Hi-Gloss "I'm Totally Yours" (Epic 1982, 7")
    24. Shalamar "Take That To The Bank" (RCA 1973, 7")
    25. El Coco "Got That Feeling" (AVI 1977, LP)
    26. Gladys Knight & the Pips "It's Up to You (What You Do)" (Buddah1978,
    27. Notations "It's Alright (This Feeling)" (Gemigo 1975, LP)
    28. Mel Torme "Right Now" (Atlantic 1962, 7")
    29. The Mood Club "First Born - Interfearence remix" (white 12")

    And Folks - check out very uplifting and emotional 12" from Finland on
    called "Tessio" by Luomo. Praised by Rainer Truby and people who know....
    -Sampsa Vilhunen-

    Till the next time. (That be about 4th of June!)
    The One Sweet Daddy (Cukipapa)

    Resident at
    'Bemsha' Notting Hill Arts Club, Tuesday's 8 till 1with the
    Nathan Haines Band
    'Bite Your Granny' Point 101Bar, New Oxford St, Thursday's
    9 till 2 with Nik Weston

    Mail to,
    Alan Brown
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    125 London Wall
    EC2Y 5AJ

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