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Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 15:50:28 CEST

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    check out

    Senior Piccolino is one of the Sofa Surfers guys (MArkus Kienzl). The EP is the first
    of the series of 5 12"s, and I hope the others will be just as good as the first.


    Tibor aka keyser

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    > a year ago this ddj named burdy played a mum cd for me. i thought it
    > was hot so i got it. today i found a new mum record titled "sincerely
    > yours". there's a really nice remix by some guy named "senior
    > piccolino". ironically enough burdy, aka baby mamoth, has a incredible
    > mix. dzihan & kamien do a house version thats pretty good.
    > -does anyone know anything about "senior piccolino"?
    > -does anyone have any info on more klein records releases? (on wax)
    > any info is appreciated. thanks.
    > milkweed

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