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Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 01:33:06 CEST

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    Futuristic Dancin' by New Sector Movements. warm funk
    house, floaty and chunky, like the wafting scent of
    grilling veggies for a fresh salsa-to-be.

    99's rustic grilled salsa recipe:
    2 ears of corn
    3 tomatoes
    1 large mild onion
    a couple hot peppers
    2-3 bell peppers (yellow, red or orange ones are cool)
    bulb of garlic
    a can or 2 of black beans, or a couple cups
    soaked/cooked ones
    fresh cilantro
    a couple of limes

    shuck the corn, stick it on the grill.
    quarter the onion, stick it on the grill.
    rub some olive oil on the garlic, on the grill.
    wash hot peppers, on the grill.
    wash bell peppers, on the grill.
    the tomatoes go last. You want the durable veggies to
    cook the longest.

    As each veggie looks done, take it off, cut it up, and
    throw it in a (big) bowl with the beans, and maybe a
    dash of olive oil. The corn is fun--just take a knife
    and slice down the length to get the kernels off. for
    the garlic, be careful, each clove will be mushy but
    should slide out whole and be a little brown ...mush
    them all in there. Then chop up a generous amount of
    cilantro and toss it in there, squeeze in lime to
    taste, and maybe a little salt. Good warm or cold,
    with rice and beans or plain on chips.

    (Optional: Talk about life with 6 incredibly
    intelligent and beautiful lesbians to make the prep
    time more fun)

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