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Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 11:46:11 CEST

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    Have the "Higher..." album, haven't listened to it lately, but, I was
    mesmorized by the new one at the listening station at Tower--but,
    wait to find it for less than $18. I was reading the Rough Guide to
    D'n'B/Jungle and downtempo/Tr*p-h*p, and have never read such a
    bitter music jouno. He only liked the Photek singles-thought "Modus
    Operandi" was unfocused. Liked "Blue Lines" but basically though the
    rest was Crap. Though did seem to like all the stoned out rantings
    of Tricky (my view after only liking "Maxiniquay"), but, only ever
    seemed to like one album or an EP but though the rest was not worth
    it--I guess we all only have one album inside.

    erik g

    p.s. get the Shantel!!

    >It's called "Higher Than The Funk", I think, though not sure. "Great Delay"
    >is definately a great album. I love it, too.
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    >> Also picked up Great Delay and loving it. Saw an earlier Shantel
    >> disc (98?)
    >> in the rack - don't remember the title - photo of a girl with a silver
    >> capped tooth on the cover. Any input from the collective? Thanks.
    >> Mike
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