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From: Olaf Molenveld (
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 09:49:53 CEST

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    personally i think this thing is way overpriced at 1200 US dollars, it's
    only interesting for people who want to scratch with CD's...i don't know if
    that's such a big audience of potential customers....
    ofcourse it looks great, that is another major sellingpoint....

    i myself am much more interested in the finalscratch system, as it's
    software based so the specs can be updated very easily..


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    > on 5/16/01 8:01 AM, Olaf Molenveld at wrote:
    > > might be interesting for some of you:
    > >
    > Very nice looking mixer. I've been trying to save up some cash for the
    > CMX-5000, but looks like I'll have to give this a test run now.. The
    > that scares me with CD mixers is that the technology is changing so fast,
    > can see myself spending a shitload of money on a particular model, only
    > it to become outdated the next month or so.. I guess it's like buying a
    > computer. The features that caught my eye are:
    > "Multi-Read Format
    > The CDJ-1000 can read CD, CD-R and CD-RW disks."
    > Do other mixers read CD-RW's as well? If only it could read MP3's, but
    > would be asking too much.
    > and also
    > "Digital Output
    > The CDJ-1000 is equipped with a switchable on/off
    > digital output (phono) which can be utilized for studio use"
    > Now I've just gotta save up for a digital mixer. Although I've heard that
    > in general, the digital output on CD mixers only works if you leave the
    > pitch at 0, which wouldn't make it very useful to me.
    > Adam

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