Keyser & Shuriken (Budapest) - newsletter #57: Sippin' Pan-Galactic-Gargleblasters

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Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 17:50:15 CEST

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    Keyser & Shuriken - newsletter #57: Sippin' Pan-Galactic-Gargleblasters

    Newsflash 17.05.2001

    Dear friends,

    This week was a boring one compared to the previous ones, no gigs, just another radio
    show. Anyway, it was a unique one as all the three djs of the Crystal Garden show was
    in the studio after a long time. There will be another months till it happens next
    time as Keyser has to study for his exams in the next few weeks (so he has to miss a
    few shows) then Lee'n'gum will make a world tour with his Mozgo Haz ("Moving House")
    theatre company.

    With this week's reading, we'd like to pay homage to twisted sci-fi genius Douglas
    Adams, one of the greatest hitchhikers of our galaxy. (We don't think he's dead. Most
    probably he is still having fun - sippin' on Pan-Galactic-Gargleblasters - on the
    Vogon construction sent here to ultimately destroy our planet making way for heavy
    galactic traffic!):

    "Now, if you have done a particularly good set, you may be tempted to have it
    recorded and then sell it as a compilation CD. Here, the trick is to try to remember
    what records you used, in what order, where you made the cuts from one track to
    another, and then recreate it. Those without the willpower to spend hours getting a
    mix right in one go can cheat and get the mix engineer at the recording studio to
    turn their scraps into something listenable, using clever software such as 'Pro
    Tools'... that no-one admits to using."

    From the definition of DJ by the Hitchhikers' Guide To Earth web project initiated by
    Douglas Adams.


    Keyser & Shuriken


    Tilos Radio (
    Kristalykert (Crystal Garden - 09.05.2001) - DJs: Keyser, Shuriken & Lee'n'gum
    Hi-fi: <>

    (start: 23:42:30)
    1. Quimby - Pedofiling (Maw'o'Time Remix) (CDR)
    2. Toy Division - Tabudu (Instrumental) (CDR)
    3. Mr. Tristam Shandy - The-Do-It-Yourself Disco (CDR)
    4. Jon Hassel - Dream Theory (EG)

    5. Jiri Valek - Fletnovy Koktajl (Supraphon)
    6. David Axelrod - Song of Innocence (Capitol)
    7. Füsti Balogh Együttes - Kemenysepro (Krem)
    8.Tyfa - Bez Ni (Supraphon)
    9. Gustav Brom - Calling Up The Rain (Opus)
    10. Serge Gainsbourg - Joanna (Philips)
    11. Osibisa - Music For Gong Gong (MCA)
    12. Serge Gainsbourg - Les Sambassadaeurs (Philips)

    13. Extra Ball - Kochan Cie Anno (Muza)
    14. Misa Blam - Memory (Cosmic Sounds)
    15. Grupo X - X-Posure (Loft)
    16. Archie Shepp - A Sea Of Faces (Bunnie Roy Vocal Trip Mix) (Mo Smog)
    17. Zulema - Hold Back The Night (Sussex)
    18. Modaji - Shocka's Joint (Laws Of Motion)

    19. Erik Truffaz - Siegfried (Goo Remix) (Blue Note France)
    20. Meitz - Can You Live (Sonar Kollektiv)
    21. Micatone - Step Into The Gallery (Sonar Kollektiv)
    22. dZihan & Kamien - Homebase (Couch)
    23. Butti 49 - Brasilikum (Mo Smog)

    24. Serge Gainsbourg - Bonny & Clyde (Herbert Mix) (Mercury)
    25. Xaver Fisher Trio - Follow Me (Raw Deal Remix) (Unique)
    26. Julie Dexter - The Plan (Bruik Step Mix) (Main Squeeze)
    27. Jiva - Stars (Tauriva Remix) (InfraCOM!)
    28. Fenomenon - Pacific Memories (Nuphonic)

    29. Kaidi Tatham - Betcha (Bitasweet)
    30. Serge Gainsbourg - La-Bas C'est Naturel (Faze Action Remix) (Mercury)
    31. UKO - Smile (Klein)
    32. Art Konik - Mingpark (Meitz Remix) (Comet)
    33. Meitz - Phasen (Spinning Wheel)
    34. Psyco On Da Bus - Push Your Mind (Doctor L's Breakbeat Remix) (Comet)

    35. Flytronix - Heavy Traffic (Solaria)
    36. Erik Truffaz - More (Pierry Henry Rework) (Blue Note France)
    37. Erik Truffaz - Bending New Corners (Alex Gopher Remix) (Blue Note France)
    38. Jazz Q Praga - The Wizard (Supraphon)

    39. Martin Denny - Exotica (Liberty)
    40. Beck - Cyanide Breath Mint (K)
    41. Kela - Heavy Artillery (Jazz Fudge)
    42. Soulpatrol - Release Your Mind (Spinning Wheel)
    43. Carol Williams - Love Is You (Salsoul)
    44. Jackson 5 - Never Say Goodbye (Pickwick)
    45. Quantic - Introduction (Tru Toughts)
    46. Moka Only feat. Swollen Members - Crunch (Jazz Fudge)
    47. Pedling - Adios (Jazz Fudge)
    48. Les Gammas - Outra Viva (Compost)
    (end: 03:32)

    K&S gigs in the near future:

    02.06. Budapest: Astro Jazz Open Air /w dZihan & Kamien, Cadik, Suhaid, Szamosi
    Bros., Badihali & Sanyi
    16.06 Budapest: Fields of Joy Festival

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