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Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 21:49:27 CEST

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    I've just listened to a rather cool confection last night that I've
    picked up from my music box on Monday. It's from an artist called James

    Hardway has one track on This Is Acid Jazz "After Hours" series I think
    Volume 4 that is simply flawless!!! I had listen to his CD that featured
    that particular song yet the rest of the CD was more Techno-ish or Rave-ish.
      I had been hoping for Spacey Ambient Downtempo Imagine that?!!!. I'd love
    to have a CD filled with stuff like that song on the After Hours series. As
    far as the Cinematic Orchestra goes, God Bless Brother Stimp for pointing me
    in that direction!!! Holy Mother Mary of God Private Pyle is that a
    Jelly-Doughnut?!!!!! Happy Trails!!!

    Semper Motociclismo,

    The album is called "Moors and Christians," and it's a great
    album that has quite a bit of Latin influences--particulary Afro-Cuban.
    But the groove is just so very good.

    Pick it up...listen to it.

    V. wrote:
    > I think Chari Chari's cd "Spring to Summer" would go along this line.
    > Calm's "Shadow of the Earth"? Both are very very good IMO. I think
    > are being over looked by many, but they shouldn't be missed.
    > peace
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    > >Hello All,
    > >
    > >Speaking of selections on the latin tip....when we were pondering if it
    > gets
    > >any better than Cinematic Orchestra, Jazztronik - inner flight is pretty
    > >damn close! I know it's on the older side but I stumbled on to it about
    > >month ago and what can I say but WOW! So what are some of the lists
    > >suggestions on either Jazztronik or other trks w/ the
    > >Nu-Jazz/Brazilian/Afrobeat flava?
    > >
    > >a rato,
    > >
    > >j~

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