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From: Leftalive1@aol.com
Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 03:30:08 CEST

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    Greetings all...
          Is it just me, or has the traffic on the list slowed down considerably
    in the last month or so? Maybe its the weather warming up? Or the fact that
    school here in the states is ending for the year? It used to be that every
    time I logged on, there would be between twenty and thirty e-mails from this
    list (not that it was always a good thing...). But now it seems as though no
    one is left. I miss all the talk about the truby trio or fila brazilia, or
    whomever. (-shedding a tear...-) : )

    PS- I am in the market for a new mixer (something along the lines of the hak
    320 or the sk-2f), so if there are any DJ's on the list looking to unload a
    mixer that would work for both mixing and scratching, please let me know.
    Peace to all...

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