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Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 04:27:18 CEST

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    I do a major ditto on the Franti/Spearhead, I have a remix of Skin on the Drum that rounds out this track nicely!

    and the James Hardway also gets some serious votes from me, the first time I listened to it, it seemed just OK but by the time the next couple of spins rolled around, I was a convert. Some really nice Latin touches, good arrangements and also some fine vocals!

    Block 16 - Morning Sun - I liked this disc the first time I heard it and now I love it. The Jon Lucien track - Morning Sun is a superb track and it is still growing on me. I recommend this whole set but besides the Lucien track I also love a few others, like the Jhelisa track since I adore her anyway, same goes for Bim Sherman and Robert Owens.

    Bassic Instinct No 3 - this compilation has got some stunners on it, the Funky Lowlives remix of Boozoo Bajou's Divers is seriously hot and hard to resist but its also great to have some Mo Horizons tracks that I do not have. Besides those, I love the Trio Eletrico Raw Deal remix, the 2 Jaffa tracks, 2 great Moodorama tracks especially Are You Comin'. Another great disc from Stereo Deluxe, well worth finding!

    Shantel greatdelay has drawn some nice reviews and some nice comments here and it is a grower at least it has been for me! check it out please, some superb funkiness accompanied by slick arrangements with great vocals added into the textures. the whole disc has some really interesting touches, unique samples and sounds! three cheers from moi!

    Compost 100 - I have not even managed to really thoroughly listen to this new compilation, I have absorbed the first disc of the 2-disc set and there are some superb trax on the collection. The Beanfield track - Close The Gap Pt 1-3 is one I did not know and I am so glad it is here! the Fauna Flash vs Wei Chi is another one that gets the stars from me. This collection is another example of the class and taste that the Compost folks show, and they show them in trumps here! Fauna Flash is remixed by Pole on the 2nd disc and I welcome that combination, nice to have the otherworldliness of Pole painted into Fauna Flash. as usual the Compost Crew come through for us, there are plenty of trax that are dancefloor quality and many that are great for just chillin' to!

    Future Funk Drum & Bass - The Jazz Sessions has some fine otherworldliness of its own. Kudos to the London Electricity track - Pull the Plug, the Aquasky - Another Day is a winner in my book and Forest Mighty Black - Tides, is remixed by Peshay and Flytronic for a surefire winner

    leslie/The Power of Sound

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