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Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 18:12:07 CEST

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    I think there has been quite a bit of traffic, I'm certainly having
    difficulty keeping up with the number of tunes I see here and want to buy.
    Whenever I'm away from my computer for a couple of days there are always a
    load of things to read through.

    Not that I get out shopping in London much these days but I put my hands up
    in the air and admit to ignoring the request. The record shop request seems
    to keep coming round but I guess you don't ask until you need to know or the
    question has come from a new user (not intended to be patronising). Maybe
    I'll add to my Auto-signature ;-)


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    "I get the feelin the traffic's has slowed down a bit. Anyone agree?"
    Yes perhaps. I've only been on the list a while but whenever I've posed any
    questions I've always had plenty of answers. Recently, however, someone
    asked about what record shops there were in London ('Shoplifting in London')
    and they didn't get a single reply! Maybe, like I did, people answered him
    off-list but otherwise I'm sure there are some people that could offer him

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