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    I've had the fortune to hear Bebel and Kyoto Jazz Massive's 'The view from
    her room' several times and it is indeed a sweet track. I interviewed Bebel
    in early April and when I asked about her work with KJM she was surprised
    that I knew about it. Apparently the collaboration wasn't planned and to
    her knowledge had not been publicised. She told me it was so spontaneous
    that she learnt the lyrics only an hour before it was recorded.
    Unfortunately, Bebel claims there are no plans for her to work with the KJM
    in the future, although she expressed interest in doing so.


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    The calm LP is sweet. The Bossa Tres Jazz comps on Yellow are something you
    should check out and easy to find (available domestic US). On Far Out the
    new Marcos Valle LP "Escape" is a must. For some reason Big Bang's
    "Dribbling" (far out) popped in my head (love that track!) Check out the
    Compost Glucklich comps. Kyoto Jazz Massive's "Eclipse" track on compost is
    awesome (with upcoming Afronaught remixes. Also a KJM track with Bebel
    Gilberto called "view from the room" which i haven't heard... can't wait).
    Oh, and on the afrobeat tip check out tony allens new Psycho on the Bus LP.
    I'm really feeling this lately. hmmmm maybe i should just make you your
    tape! =P


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    I think Chari Chari's cd "Spring to Summer" would go along this line. And
    Calm's "Shadow of the Earth"? Both are very very good IMO. I think these
    are being over looked by many, but they shouldn't be missed.


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    >Hello All,
    >Speaking of selections on the latin tip....when we were pondering if it
    >any better than Cinematic Orchestra, Jazztronik - inner flight is pretty
    >damn close! I know it's on the older side but I stumbled on to it about a
    >month ago and what can I say but WOW! So what are some of the lists
    >suggestions on either Jazztronik or other trks w/ the
    >Nu-Jazz/Brazilian/Afrobeat flava?
    >a rato,
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    >>I saw them in Miami back in March and thought they were warm, personable,
    >>emotionally stirring.... cool sound, cool band
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