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From: Erik Gaderlund (
Date: Sun May 20 2001 - 23:09:54 CEST

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    >At 9:20 PM -0600 5/19/01, Mark B. Conklin wrote:
    >>Anyone have an opinion on the Visit Venus CD, "Endless Bummer"? I have the
    >>"Endless Bummer Remixes" which is so-so and makes me a little hesitant on
    >>picking up the regular version (which I have never actually seen to buy
    >>anyway). What keeps me interested in picking up "Endless Bummer" is that
    >>their "Music for Space Tourism" and "Magic Fly EP" releases are outstanding
    >>and still hold up well after all of these years. Great spacey mellow jazzy
    >Well, I'd say you've got their best stuff, but _Endless Bummer_
    >isn't a big step down from _MfST_. _EB_ is a little darker, iirc.

    Have them both on CD and Vinyl, and yes _EB_ is a little darker, but,
    is still the groovy jazz sound.

    >Never judge a tune by its remix! I almost always enjoy the original
    >better than the remix. Well, there's the Coldcut remix of Eric B &
    >Rakim-- that's pretty good!

    And K&Ds' club remix of Lamb's "Transfattyacid"!

    erik g

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