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Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 16:11:46 CEST

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    2001 - CrisCrazz Records, the music company of producer, composer and
    guitarist Chris Beckers, is back on duty. The new base for these activities
    is Amsterdam, from where the label plans the release of new albums in the
    field of jazz, acid, funk, groove and fusion.

    Chris has also established his new BEAU GARAGE STUDIO in the museum quarter
    of the old center of Amsterdam in the basement of a typical, more than 100
    years old Dutch building.
    Chris is using this home-base as working place and starting-point for all
    his musical activities. His latest solo-release ,³Messenger of Truth,² has
    been recorded in the ³Beau Garage.² Besides his work on own albums he also
    produces music for other artists and DJs or let them use the studio.

    CrisCrazz is about to increase the number of releases. A start is made with
    the first three albums, which are available from MAY 2001.

    For more information mail to: or

    Chris Beckers -³Messenger Of Truth² (CCR 035) - May 2001 -

    A new concept album by guitarist/composer/producer Chris Beckers. With some
    of the finest jazz-musicians in the world, Beckers has created a stunning
    piece of music. Powerful grooves, high-energy fusion, sensitive ballads and
    a touch of avant-garde. In every piece on this diversified album Chris
    Beckers shows his masterful hand, interpreting themes, improvising solos and
    directing his compositions from the first till the last chord.

    Chris Beckers (guitars/keyboards/bass), Ernie Watts (tenor sax),
    Peter Erskine (drums), Jimmy Haslip (bass), Marcel Serierse (drums),
    Jeroen Vierdag (bass), Michiel Borstlap (piano), Saskia Laroo (trumpet),
    Luluk Purwanto (violin,percussion,voice), Nippy Noya (percussion),
    Liber Torriente (percussion), Herman Wolters (rhodes piano),Palm Boy (voice)

    Fritz Brause ­³Five² (CCR 036) - May 2001 -

    In the mid-eighties they were the German answer to ŒLevel 42¹, ŒShakatak¹
    and ŒMezzoforte¹. 250.000 copies sold of ŒShilly Shally¹, one of the most
    frequently played radio tunes in 1985. Sixteen years after their big
    success they are back in the original line-up and with a new album. Ten
    sparkling songs show the Œ2001-face¹ of this band. The ingredients for this
    colorful cocktail are: a good portion of funk and soul, a snuff of lounge
    music, a little bit of hip hop and house, some contemporary jazz, a powerful
    brass section and last but not least a deliberate production.

    Klaus Urban (drums), Dieter Exter (bass), Deff Cramer (keyboards),
    Marcel Beckers (guitar), Sabine Sabine (vocals);
    "The Brause Horns": Nappo Bernatzki (saxophone), Martin Sander (trombone),
    Hans-Peter Salentin (trumpet). Guest vocalists: Wale Bakare, Steve Clisby.

    Art Attack ­³Zero Visibility² (CCR 037) - May 2001 -

    A surprising fusion album of the new Dutch band ³Art Attack," led by drummer
    Sietse Huisman. All members of the group have gained excellent reputation
    in and outside the Dutch music scene before they decided to realize their
    musical ideas with this project.
    ³ŠA well recorded, fresh and live sounding concert registration, radiating
    the enthusiasm of the players.² (Slagwerkkrant 03/2001, Bouke Bijlsma)

    Sietse Huisman (drums), Will Maas (keyboards), Hubert Heeringa (saxophone),
    Wietze Koning (guitar), Henry Sopacua (bass)

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