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From: Aaron Shinn (ashinn@d6ga.com)
Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 23:25:19 CEST

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    Welcome to the inaugural edition of ASHINN circular!
     From the info and inspiration coming from Cukipapa and Nik Weston's
    weekly charts I've started up my own BIWEELKY circular to keep all of
    you informed of what's going on in this whole West London / Broken
    Beat / Nu Jazz thing that we love so dearly.

    If you're not really interested in getting one of these every other
    week, let me know and I'll get you off the list right away. I'll be
    passing along music news, charts, playlists, and whatever else needs
    to be said! On with the show:



    Anthony Nicholson still throwing down every Wednesday at the funky
    buddha lounge. Monthly guest spots from yours truely - watch for
    updates with dates etc. Always bringing his musical ear, sure to
    please, great atmosphere.

    This weekend in Detroit motor city much is going down!
    Afronaught will be in the house at the Planet-e party. Mark De
    Clive-Lowe bringing his live show all the way from London Town! Matt
    Recloose and Scott Zacharais debuting their new Omoa Music label at a
    wicked exclusive party! Should be fantastic. Hit


    Broadcasting live on the net at http://www.wnur.org/live.ram
    Every monday night, I'll be playing the best and the latest in a
    live-mixed format. Almost a year on the air!
    11:00pm - 12:30am CST (-0600 GMT)
    Listen in the chicago area on WNUR 89.3FM


    If you're interested in hearing the sounds - I'm preparing a new
    promo mix with loads of new tunes! Announcement coming soon - watch
    this space. I'll also be making an MP3 version available by request
    for those of you with the speedy connections!



    Hipnotic | Naima | Laws of Motion
    After 4 Hero's cover of Naima last year, John Coltrane's classic tune
    gets another rework! Beautiful beautiful full-bodied, well-realized
    track! Ian O'Brian on the remix with his chunky, layered style.
    Certain to be in rotation for quite a while. Makes ya weep, this one.

    Fini Dolo | Heartbeat | People
    Noel Watson doing it right with a four-part suite of fantastic tunes.
    Broken mix is number one with two house mixes bringing up the rear -
    sweet flute lines, funky spoken vocals from Sonja and smooth bassline
    moves the floor! People as always one of the strongest labels out
    there. Damn right.

    Marcos Valle | Escape DLP | Far Out
    A resurrected Marcos Valle drops a fantastic album on Joe Davis' Far
    Out imprint! Real deal Brazilian with 'nuff modern studio touches.
    Too many good tracks to chart just one. Solid!

    Danilo Perez | Panafrica (Melodius Remix) | Universal Jazz UK
    Mark De Clive-Lowe debuting a new alias here! Fantastic sweet funky
    low-tempo summer vibes. Beautiful vocals and sparkling production.
    Sounds like nothing else - Don't sleep!

    Space 7 | Space Station (remix) | Clairaudience
    Anthony Nicholson revamps his excellent Space Station into a wild
    tech expedition - sure to get you out of your head, watch out for the
    huge synth bass at work. Ugochi's vocals from the original get dubbed
    out to the extreme.

    Kaidi Tatham feat Izi | Betcha | Bitasweet
    Damn! All I can say. Far out broken funk monster from Kaidi working
    solo. Absolutely massive track from the man behind many an ARP solo
    in the West End. Lovin the lyrics! IG Culture freaks the remix on the
    flip under his Son of Scientist moniker. Madness! Check Kaidi on
    drums and keys in Mark De Clive-Lowe's touring band.

    Stacey Pullen | Vertigo (4 Hero remix) | Science
    Dego and Mark Mac go to work on already inspirational tune from
    Stacey and take it one step further! Working with their usual string
    quartet and Stacey's synth work makes an amazing track!

    The Lost Skrolls of Hamaric | How to Find Royal Jelly | Best Seven
    Sexy sexy! Dubbed out groover from Stereotyp, I believe. Has definite
    touches of the Belin Dub sound here. Lower tempo makes all the right
    moves. Vocals treated well! On the new Sonar Kollektiv 7" label -
    Best Seven.

    Afronaught | Transcend Me b/w Outta Range | Apollo
    STILL on top! Can't get enough of this anthem. Check the flip for
    fantastic electro funk cut with the killer electric bass line.
    Positively infectious. If you haven't heard this yet - where ya been?

    Be Bop Dawg | Um Dia Sobre La Praia | Dynamite Joint
    Big drums here! Great ambience with this fast-paced joint from Be Bop
    Dawg on the jazzy tip. Love the thick bass and synth trills, sure to
    thrill. The flip is deep deep deep jazz bizness. Reminds me of the
    great Alice Coltrane. So there!

    Difusion | Illusive Angel (Open Ya Mind) | Solaria
    Too sweet! Dj Venom working with his pops to produce an incredible
    record! More transitions than you can count and smooth as can be.
    This one is totally top-class. I sincerely hope they do an LP!



    *Domu is wrapping up work on an album for Archive!
    *Rima (Domu and Volcov) remix of Vikter Duplaix's excellent "Manhood"
    on the way from Groove Attack
    *Beatless (Alex Attias and co) LP on the way from Ubiquity records
    here in the states!
    *Mark De Clive Lowe, Seiji and Domu team up as KUDU. Transit, the
    first single on the way from Bittasweet.
    *IG Culture resurrects Quango for a new release on People!
    *IG Culture dropping a new 12" on Mainsqueeze for his Son of Scientist project
    *Leroy Smith has reworked his "Let it Ride" from '99 with new house
    mixes - coming on his own Pure Filth label.
    *Afronaught LP on the way from Apollo (R+S records/Belgium)
    *The first single from IG Culture's New Sector Movements LP is about
    to drop. The cut is called "The Sun" featuring a remix from none
    other than Detroit soul man DWELE. Watch for it on Virgin.
    *Atjazz about to release their long-awaited Lab Funk LP on their own
    Mantis label.



    Grover's Groove playlist for 05/14/01
    89.3fm WNUR - Monday 11pm-12:30am
    with DJ Aaron Shinn
    Be Bop Dawg / Untitled / Dynamite Joint White
    Volcov / Mindgames (Take 2) / Visions Inc
    Chateau Flight / Prism (Sun Orchestra mix) / Versatile
    Nine Yards / Find a Way (Modaji mix) / White
    Jazzanova / Coffe Talk (Fukutomi mix) / JCR
    Jazztronik / Zoology / Counterpoint
    Domu / Coldfeet / Visions
    Afronaught / Outta Range / Apollo
    P'Taah / Crossing (The Evolution of form) Opaque Mix / Ubiquity
    Matthew Herbert / Unknown / Studio K7
    Difusion / Second Future / Solaria
    Tony Allen vs Kraked Unit / The Man With the Drum / Comet
    New Sector Movements / Survival / Virgin
    Un-Organization / It's Just Begun / Mainsqueeze
    DHJ / Shapeshifter / Archive
    Tom & Jerry / Tom & Jerry feat. Charlie Brown / Tom & Jerry '95

    Grover's Groove playlist for 05/21/01
    89.3fm WNUR - Monday 11pm-12:30am
    with DJ Aaron Shinn
    Yoruba / Aldia de Ogun / Yoruba
    Mark De Clive-Lowe / El Dia Perfecto (Restless Soul Mix) / Universal Jazz UK
    Fini Dolo / Heartbeat Pt.3 / People Promo
    Kaidi Tatham / Betcha / Bitasweet Promo
    Afronaught / Outta Range / Apollo
    Space 7 / Space Station (AN tech mix) / Clairaudience Promo
    Hipnotic / Naima / Laws Of Motion
    Yoruba / Power To Conquer / Yoruba
    Marcos Valle / Apaixonada por Voce (In Love With You) / Far Out
    Stacey Pullen / Vertigo (4Hero Remix) / Science
    Oringe Water / ??? / Archive Promo
    The Lost Scrolls of Hamaric (Stereotyp) / How To Find Royal Jelly / Best Seven
    Danilo Perez / Panafrica (Melodius remix) / Verve-Universal Jazz UK
    The New Heritage Keyboard Quartet / Zap / Blue Note '73



    Dance Fusion Madness! Most music played in clubs these days is
    straightjacketed into genres, keeping neatly to themselves and
    stifling personal musical vision. If you choose to take a step back
    from the massive dance world you see that there's no reason that a
    little bit from here and there across the spectrum could make a
    cracking good tune! So pioneers in West London and elsewhere decided
    that they needed no genre identification to validate their music and
    blazed the trail towards a new ideal:

    That anything can be current, that the entire history of music is
    fair game, that if you find the right ears anything is possible. So
    suddenly you see jazz, hiphop, afrobeat, funk, Brazilian influences
    flooding the dancefloor. It's unprecedented! The mindset is gaining
    global momentum with massive scenes popping up in London, Berlin,
    Tokyo, Vienna... Chicago too? Open your ears - it's not what you
    might expect.


    Peace and thanks to all y'all. aaron shinn.

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